PS Engineering PM 3000 4 Place Stereo Panel Mount Intercom TSO For Certified Aircraft

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Part# 11-04843
MFR Model# 11931A


FAA TSO’d for Certified Aircraft

  • Provides Pilot Isolate (ISO) allowing the pilot to concentrate on flying the airplane while the others on board can communicate with each other and listen to great hi-fi stereo music.
  • The six place version adds the Crew function. (Crew on one intercom channel and passengers on a separate channel.
  • A single squelch control knob for multiple squelch circuits provides simplified operation as well as making the intercom one of the quietest to use, even in the noisiest of airplanes.
  • Soft Mute circuitry comes standard. Once you stop talking, Soft Mute gradually returns the music to its original volume.
  • Automatic fail-safe interconnect to the aircraft radio wires the pilot's headset to the aircraft radio in the event of disrupted power or related failure.
  • Separate pilot and copilot transmit capabilities ensures that only the person pressing the PTT will be heard over the radio. A red transmit light is illuminated when a PTT is pressed -- this also serves as a "stuck-mic" indicator.
  • The intercom volume does not affect the aircraft radio volume. Pilot has the ability to control the audio level of the intercom independently from the audio level of the aircraft radio.


  • Input power: 13.8 - 27.5 Volts DC
  • Current Drain: < 200 mA (Externally fused at 1 Amp)
  • Headphone Impedance: 150-1000 Ω(typical)
  • Audio Distortion: <1.2% @ 50mW into 150 Ω load
  • Aircraft Radio Impedance: 1000 Ω (typical)
  • Mic Frequency Response: ±3 dB, 350 Hz — 6000 Hz
  • Music Frequency Response ±3 dB, 200 Hz – 15kHz
  • Unit weight: 12 Ounces (0.34 kg)
  • Dimensions:1.25" H x 3.00" W x 5.50" D (3.2 x 7.6 x 14.0 cm)
  • Environmental and technical qualifications: RTCA DO-160C


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Magaero L Verified Purchase


October 4, 2022

Terry J Verified Purchase


November 3, 2021

Easy install and works as advertised.

Browns A
September 6, 2019

Theyre quiet! They work! Stereo with Music Inputs. What else is there to say! These do require a Daniels or AMP pin crimper and positioning die to assemble properly, if you do not have one they are kind of pricey, you might want to consider having the wiring harness made for you. That said, sure beats soldering all the wires as some intercoms require.

April 20, 2017

We replaced our old intercom after it lost one channel with this unit. the PM 3000 was recommended by American Champion for our Super Decathlon. We purchased the trim plate as well but still had to make an additional trim piece to cover the existing hole. The sound is clear. The volume and squelch have no static. I would recommend this intercom.

March 28, 2017


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Q: Does the price include the required PS Engineering wiring harness?

No, you will have to fill out the harness work sheet on the web page for an addition quote just for the harness.

Q: Is it possible on the PS Engineering PM 3000 to not have the music muted during other communications?

Normally, any radio traffic or intercom conversation will mute the music heard in ALL mode, or for the front in CREW. However, when the crew desires uninterrupted music, the PM3000 can be placed in the Karaoke Mode. Press the right knob (squelch) once to activate Karaoke mode, so the music will not be muted. Press again to restore the SoftMute™ function.

Q: Need a new face plate for PM3000 (4 place). I have the 3 position switch ISO-ALL-CREW. Is Part # 11-00394 the one I need?

If your PM3000 has the crew feature, part number 11-00851, the part number for the faceplate is 11-00393.

Q: I have the PM2000, can this be a direct replacement in terms of disconnect PM2000 and using the same harness that came with PM2000 connect PM3000?

No, you will need a new harness to use with the PM 3000.

Q: Does karaoke mode on the PS Engineering PM 3000 (pushing mute button) stop muting for both intercom and incoming radio traffic?

No, this unit has unswitched audio inputs that are unaffected by that.

Q: When ordering a wiring harness, it comes complete, minus the radio hookups? Is there a way to get the radio hookups ready to go?

The only way to order it is as a bare wire harness. we currently do not make interconnecting harnesses, however we are working on this.

Q: Does PM-3000 work with Electric and dynamic Microphones?

Yes, it will.

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