Part# 11-06674
MFR Model# 12VDIMMER01-7A


Single Channel PWM (pulse wave modulation) dimmers are ideal for operating LED Light Strips and other interior incandescent or LED lighting, such as map lights, convenience, footwell or baggage compartment lighting. Features include reverse-polarity protection and over-voltage protection as well as an integrated on/off switch (in the fully counterclockwise position).

12 Volt DC (14VDC systems) version has 7 Amps of capacity (97W)
24 Volt DC (28VDC systems) version has 4 Amps of capacity (112W)
Just 1.25 x 1.6. Shaft diameter is 17/64 (6.75mm)
Screw-down terminals for easy connection of input and output wires
Powerful enough to operate a wide range of lighting products
High-quality push-on knob. Shaft length accommodates panel widths to 5mm.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Frequency is too slow. Lights flicker. I would not recommend this product. I am very disatissfied

Randy J Verified Purchase


July 2, 2021

I have had very good luck with this dimmer controlling a vertical compass and a MGL V6 radio and a Garmin GMA240 audio panel. It does what it is suppose to. Installed in a Vans RV7 2 years ago.

February 25, 2015

Small, easy to instal but seems not as progressive as wanted. But efficient

Sport I
July 6, 2018

For instruments and night lights Should work well

Rick T
November 5, 2017

I gave this product two stars because I purchased two of them and only one worked. I would not purchase this product again, nor would I recommend it.

David A
June 26, 2020

Thus dimmer was a disappointment. Leds flicker when in use. Led brightness is poor until your at mid range the full brightness happens quickly so very poor control of illumination. Due to the flicker Ill be pulling this unit out and tossing it in the garbage. Very poor quality.

Thomas W
November 17, 2022

Installed on Airplane, never taught that could interfere with WAAS GPS, when transmitting with coms around 121 Mhz, no power to led (knob close), I was loosing GPS signal, disconnected device and problem solved.... Be aware

Louis C
October 17, 2021

Not working properly with LEDs. It will not give light until mid range, then give full intensity and will turn on and off by it self.

Marceliano T
September 20, 2021

I have not had very good luck with these dimmers. Experienced the third failure a few days ago. Application is driving two red LEDs for IP lights. The rotary switch/pot gets draggy and gritty, then soon the unit quits all together. I would rate them inadequate for aircraft service.

November 25, 2014


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Q: Can this item be used to control background lighting of radios in avionics stack?

Per the supplier: Yes, usually - it depends on the radios and the type of circuit controlling the back lighting.

Q: What is the width x height of the Single Channel PWM dimmer behind the panel? I have a fairly tight space between two toggle switches.

1.25 x 1.6. Shaft diameter is 17/64 (6.75mm)

Q: Does the knob include an off position, or is a separate switch required to turn off the circuit?

This unit does not have an OFF detent. When the dimmer is turned off, the power is not cut off completely, a separate switch would be required.

Q: Is this dimmer FAA approved?

No, these dimmers are not FAA approved. Intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: The description says there is an on-off switch. A prior question indicates there is not. Which is it?

There is no distinct switch that is separate from the knob, although turning it all the way will go past the "switch" and turn it off. A gently turn past the notch the other way turns it back on.

Q: What size hole is requires to mount dimmer?

1/4 inch.

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