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Part# 11-03170
MFR Model# A-510-2


These fine quality switches are used in many aircraft. The switch housing is now machined from billet aluminum which makes this switch 25% lighter. They provide “ON” and “OFF” electrical control of both magnetos on single engine aircraft. The Key-operated switches mount from the rear of the panel in a 7/8” dia hole. Available with or without starter position.

With Starter Position. Supplied w/switch plate two keys. (diode included) A-510-2

FAA PMA Approved.

Made in USA
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Perfect replacement, great value.

Randal A
January 10, 2020

Your staff helped me feel confident I was ordering the right item

Richard V
November 11, 2019

Much better construction and operation than the Bendix/TCM switch at less than half the cost. My starter was slowing. The Bendix switch was the culprit.

Ben T
February 22, 2019

Works as it should. Decent price as far as aviation parts go. They always have these in stock as well.

October 7, 2018

This switch sooo much better than the switch that was in my 46 Stinson. Operates smoothly and easily.

April 21, 2018

Just what I needed for my panel. I like the all in one simplicity.

Richard C
November 19, 2017

The right part arrived on time and works as represented. Cant ask for more than that.

Alan B
July 20, 2017

The screws provided are very short and when you have to place multiple terminal ends on one connection (ground wire and 2 shielded wires from the P leads onto the 1 ground stud) they are inadequate. If we had not had longer screws leftover from a previous install (from a Bendix unit) wed have had an issue completing the installation. Performance of the switch is as expected with very positive yet smooth movement from Both to Left and Right mag positions when accomplishing a mag check.

Joseph C
February 21, 2018


Q: Is it possible to get the connection diagram for the terminals on the back of the A510-2? I want to connect my Hobbs meter to it so Hobbs meter only runs when Master *and* ignition are both on. Is this possible with the A510-2?

Please see the Documents tab of this web page. There is a link to the "Installation Diagram". This will provide all available terminal connection information for this ACS keyed ignition switch.

Q: what is the AMP rating?

This switch (11-03170) is rated at 2 amps in a 12V system, or 1 amp in a 24V system.

Q: Does the jumper for terminal 1 come with the switch?

Yes, there is a jumper cable included with P/N# 11-03170 switch.

Q: What is the start function contact ratings? What is maximum voltage?

Momentary "on" function on "start" (spring-return to "both"). Current through "BAT" & "S" terminals is 2 amps inductive at 12 volts or 1 amp inductive at 24 volts. Current through "L" and "R" magneto grounding circuits is less than 0.5 amps. Open circuit voltage is 300 volts.

Q: What is the proper instrument panel cutout hole size required to install the ASC Keyed Ignition Switch A-510-2?

The O.D. of the threads are approx. 7/8", but you will want to have a notch in the hole so the switch does not rotate. The drawing is in the documents tab.

Q: What is the warranty on this ACS ignition A-510-2 switch?

1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Q: What are the overall dimensions of this switch?

This is 2.28" length and 2.23" at its widest point.

Q: What is the weight of the ignition switch A-510-2 on it's own?

Approx .209 lbs.

Q: When the switch is in the L position is the right Ignition disabled by providing a ground? I want to use this on a Rotax engine and the off signal is ground.

In the left position the right mag is grounded and in the right position the left mag is grounded.

Q: What size ring terminals fit the wiring connections?

You will need a stud size #6 for the ring terminal to be used on Part # 11-03170.

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