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Includes ignition switch without starter position, two aircraft locks (one door and one baggage lock)* and two keys mated to ignition switch and locks. (Diode not required) A-510-5K 11-03171
Includes ignition switch with starter position, two aircraft locks (one door and one baggage lock)* two keys mated to ignition switch and locks . (diode included) A-510-2K 11-03172

Made in USA

These fine quality switches are being used in many aircraft. The switch housing is now machined from billet aluminum which makes this switch 25% lighter. A-510-2 Ignition Switch is PMA'd, door and baggage locks are not.

Multiple ignition switches & lock sets are available with the same key. This is a special order and extra charges & lead times will apply. Please call sales for a price & lead time.


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Did the job for the school projects.

Ed B
August 26, 2020

Very nice ignition switch. Replaced original switch in my Beech 35-B33 perfectly. Door lock was somewhat an ordeal, but was able to make work with modifications.

Jim C
February 12, 2020

September 24, 2018

Switch well made, clearly higher quality locking mechanism than original. The extra locks that are supposed to be replacements for the luggage and left-side door require a bit of effort to adapt. I was successful in the end and am glad for the purchase. The trick is to attach the arm from the original locks to the new locks arm. I did so with a couple of #6 machine screws after drilling and taping the new locks arm. The original locks arm will have to be shortened a bit as well. Works fine, but did take a few hours of tinkering.

Leon L
April 26, 2020

Mag switch is a perfect match for the original. No issues with install. Door locks have very different locking arms than the original. They required cutting and welding. Easily done with a hacksaw and TIG welder.

March 12, 2020

Like a previous review, the door locks DO NOT work for Cessna 172. Ignition switch itself is fine. Now we have to have an addition key, ignition and doors.

Ted C
September 1, 2018

Nice easy installation on the ignition switch. I have a PA-28-201T and I noticed that both door latches needed a modification to make them work. Satisfied but not fully.

James B
December 4, 2017

Ignition switch was OK. The door and cargo latchâs needed extensive remodeling to get them to work. If I had known that I would never ordered the package. The addition of an optional part to fit the Cessna locks would solve the problem.

Dennis H
July 5, 2018

These door locks dont work with Cessna, the ignition switch itself is great, but buy door locks from Cessna! I called ACS, they confirmed this.

June 22, 2016

The lock is fine but the included latch dog leg that attaches to the lock will not work on the Cessna 182Q and the original latch dog leg can not be reused because of different attaching details. The ignition switch was well made and worked great. Easier to have two keys rather than changing locks so you only need one.

February 27, 2020


Q: Is the faceplate With start (P/N 11-03667) included in A-510-2K kit?

Per the supplier: Yes, the faceplate is included.

Q: Is this STC'd for the Cessna 150 and 172 as well? Is the STC Copy available?

The A-510-2 ignition switch is PMA'd for the C-150 and C-172. The door and baggage locks are not. Please review the PMA pdf which is located in the "Documents" tab of the web page to verify your serial number is covered.

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