Garmin GDL 39 Power / Data Cable For GPS 695/696

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Part# 11-10732
MFR Model# 010-11686-10


Receive ADS-B benefits with our replacement cables. Charge or power your GPSMAP 695/696 EFB and a GDL® 39 all from your aircraft's cigarette lighter receptacle. The cable has a Y-connection at the end so you can place the GDL 39 on your dash and the portable on your yoke or lap.


Works great, an easy solution for getting power, weather and traffic data to a non bluetooth device from the GLD 39 / 696

Ted B
May 19, 2017


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Q: Is the a similar power/data cable that would allow me to hardwire the 696 and GDL39 directly into my panel?

Yes, the part number which will allow you to hardwire your GDL 39 is 11-10735. The part number to wire your 696 is 11-07056.

Q: Will this Garmin GDL 39 cable power both the GDL39 and the GPS 695?

Yes, this unit charges both Garmin products at once.

Q: Will this cable power a GDL 39 and it will then Bluetooth to an iPad?

Yes, the Bluetooth signal will still emit. This bare wires cable will provide power for the GDL 39 and send data to the 695/696.

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