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Part# 13-05813


A portable push-to-talk switch (PTT) for use with any general aviation headset, intercom, and radio. Features a lifetime warranty! Weight .90lbs

Good communications are essential to a successful flight. This convenient switch mounts to the yoke with a velcro strap, allowing pilots to use their thumb to push the button and communicate with ATC, Unicom, or other aircraft. This eliminates the distraction of picking up the microphone, for hands-free communications that keeps pilots focused on flying the aircraft. Particularly useful for rental aircraft, which typically might not have push-to-talk switches installed.

Features include:

  • Low-profile ergonomic button
  • Superior contact switch
  • Heavy-duty gold-plated plugs and jack
  • Durable, shield coiled cord
  • Hook and loop mounting strap
  • Plugs into aircraft radio or intercom
  • Molded strain relief
  • Lifetime warranty!


Works great. This one does not have the junction box that has been the source of failure of 3 previous PTT cables.

December 13, 2019

Functions exactly as promised - I tried a lesser-priced PTT from another vendor, albeit one that cost 1/2 as much, but it did not work with stereo headsets properly with my digital panel. This switch works well with all my headsets plugged into a PMA450 intercom. The switch itself is lower-profile, and thus less conspicuous on the yoke. Good strap for placement that stays put. So -- purchase this knowing it will work. Did for me.

Chris R
July 5, 2018

I had some Mic Comm issues and needed a standby PTT to make things work and avoid Class C space. Didnt have one but I do now. Cheap, SMART Ins!!!

August 5, 2017

Although I dont like a PTT strapped to the yoke this one seems to stay put and is easy to use. Otherwise it does the job as it is intended to so Im satisfied with it.

Victor L
July 29, 2019

Rex M
August 16, 2018

Good solution for right seat communications over back up Mic

Robert M
June 29, 2017

Returned to Spruce. Similar complaint to others. The female fitting wasnât a tight enough fit for the male plug. The system worked, but any vibration caused static.

Keith A
February 15, 2020

I bought this headset jack and installed it in my plane. Our jacks are hard-wired to the console so I cut the jack wire and wired it in. Seems to work great and I have had zero problems with it.

April 29, 2018

I have a Taylorcraft with an in-panel intercom and David Clark headsets and I have used this PTT with for about a year. I finally switched to a Lightspeed ANR headset and the mic jack on the PTT doesnt seem to fit that HS correctly and I have to constantly monitor it. The HS mic plug will fall out or cause static in the device. I have adjusted the internal connections in the PTT but the headset mic plug still is loose. I thought all this stuff was standard. Until I used this new HS, it seemed to be fine.

Robert L
January 8, 2017

I bought the push to talk about a year ago, and it worked pretty good. Then it started getting static through it and I would have to play with the headset jack to make it stop, only to have the static come back. Being an instructor I have many students that have these in there own aircraft and almost all of them have the same problem with the headset jack being loose and making static.

January 21, 2014


Q: Will this PTT switch allow the mic to pass through to a panel mounted intercom? I have a different push to talk switch, but the mic is disabled unless the button is pressed.

This is all base on the wire diagram on your intercom. We recommend this PTT with use of a portable intercom as you will see these type of PTT used in the portable intercom diagram. For panel mount intercoms we recommend stick/yoke mount PTT.

Q: What size plug does the ASA Push to Talk switch work with?

This switch is intended for use with standard general aviation size dual plugs. Should be standard .206" microphone plug.