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From $1175.00 to $1275.00
Vendor Part Number Channel Spacing Part Number Price Buy
AR6201-(022) VHF transceiver 6W, 8.33/25kHz spacing, blue white backlight LC - display Article - No. 0636.399 - 910 11-08550 $1275.00
AR6201-(122) VHF transceiver 6 W, 25 kHz channel spacing only, blue white backlight LC - display Article - No. 0636.355 - 910 11-12272 Was $1485.00 Now $1175.00
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AR6201 series of square sized VHF transceivers from Becker are a family of affordable airborne radios optimized by their functionalities, state of the art technology, compact dimensions, and low weight for many different aircraft categories in general aviation, from smaller to larger aircraft.

The radios fit in any 2 1/4 inch cut out for easy installation and the different models are equipped with sunlight readable LC displays and high performance transmitters with 6 or 10 watts power output, continous power supply from 10.25 to 33 V DC, 8.33 kHz / 25 kHz channel spacing, sensitive receiver, VOX intercom and many other features.
  • 8.33 or 25 kHz
  • Supply voltage 9-33 V DC
  • 6 W or 10 W transmit power
  • Scan (SCN) mode active/preset frequency
  • Tandem Operation
4 place VOX controlled intercom, separated PTT keys, tandem (parallel operation of 2 displays) capable connection with RCU620 1. The VHF transceiver also contains a channel memory function for automatically/manually frequency storage. The last 9 used (active) frequencies are always stored automatically. In addition a manual storage of up to 99 different frequencies is possible and a user defined text label for each stored frequency can be assigned.

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Compact radio with great features and plenty of power at a fait price.

Bob H
September 7, 2019


Q: We purchased a Becker 4201 some time ago but now we need the support of 8.33 channel spacing. Is there a way to have the 4201 modified?

Unfortunately no, the Becker 6401 is the only solution to get 8.33 channel spacing. We do not offer a trade in program.

Q: Is the Becker AR 6204 harnesses included in the box?

No, the harness is not included. You will have to order 11-07086.

Q: Is the Becker AR 6201 Transceiver TSO'd?

Per the manual, the Becker AR 6201 Transceiver has ETSO-2C37e and 2C38e and TSO-C169a.

Q: Does the Becker AR 6201 radio have an auxiliary input for music that goes through the intercom?

Yes. An Aux input is available and will play through the internal intercom.

Q: I have the old Becker 4201, can I use the 4201 harness to connect the new 6201? Or would I need to buy a new one?

The harness is the same. You can use the 4201 harness with the 6201.

Q: The harness 11-07086 for the AR 6201 radio, its for four seats connections: pilot, co-pilot, and two passenger....correct? Those it come with the jacks already connected to it?

Harness part number 11-07086 is terminated for use with an external speaker / junction box, it does not include jacks.

Q: Is the radio BECKER AR 6201 sold with an EASA form?

Yes, there is a certificate of conformance and EASA Form 1 included.

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