Microair M760 Rev Q Transceiver

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Part# 11-18700
MFR Model# 827TRA1001-Q


Note: Harnesses are intended for use with experimental aircraft only. See "Harness" tab for details.

Packed with features that include:-

  • SL30 Interface
  • Internal vox intercom with auxillary audio (music) automatic mute
  • Dual Monitoring (Active/Standby)
  • Selectable Carrier Detect (PTT) - Lockout (saftey feature)
  • 99 programmable memories
  • Priority Key
  • larger knobs
  • Alpha /Numeric Display
  • 5 watts RF carrier output
  • Memory Sort by Name
  • Receiver tuning down to 108 Mhz.
  • 2 Year Warranty as standard
  • Australian Manufactured

All this fits in a 57 mm (2 1/4'') instrument hole and weighing in at 416g (14.67oz).

Have you considered the luxury of running 2 coms?



See brochure for detailed specifications.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Note: Harnesses are intended for use with experimental aircraft only.
  • Part No. 11-11921 (M760 2 PLACE SIDE BY SIDE HARNESS W/O JACKS): Comes with 4 foot leads for power, ground, pilot, & co-pilot. Jacks required but not attached. (see Accessories)
  • Part No. 11-11926 (M760 2 PLACE SIDE BY SIDE HARNESS W/ JACKS): Comes with 4 ft leads for power and ground. Jacks are attached.
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Installed to replace previous M760 that was malfunctioning. New one works great using recommended MicroAir antenna.

Chris G Verified Purchase


July 27, 2022

I am very happy with my micro air!

Burt H
October 7, 2021

Great radio! High performance and power!

Christian M
April 12, 2021

Received the 760 and wire harness . There was not a single piece of paper with either. No installation manual, no wiring diagram, no warranty information and the wiring harness completely void of any labeling or pin numbers. very disappointed in documentation that has to be located downloaded and printed and wiring rung out.

Joe H
February 25, 2024

Unable to read the screen in sunlight. Cannot adjust screen intensity. Very disappointed.

Mike R
April 12, 2018


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Q: What is the gooseneck microphone used for?

This is used for glider aircraft. Most pilots just use a general aviation headset or ultra light headset/helmet which has a mic built in.

Q: Is the Microair M760 TSO'd?

No, the Microair M760 is not a certified (TSO'd) com and is intended for experimental aircraft.

Q: What is operating range?

This is com radio that is 118.000 to 136.975 with 25 channel spacing.

Q: I purchased the Microair 3 ft harness with mic and headphone jacks attached and need to lengthen the cables. What twisted pair wire is used? Is it shielded? Where can I purchase this wire?

We use shielded 2 conductor. It is available under our part number 11-05650.

Q: Does the Microair M760 transceiver have dual watch capabilities? ie the pilot can transmit by a channel and receive by another frequency.

Yes, this unit has dual monitoring capabilities.

Q: Is the 2 place wiring harness you have for the Microair M760 compatible with the Sigtronics Sports 200 2 place intercom?

No, it is not compatible.

Q: What is the channel spacing for the MICROAIR M760 REV Q TRANSCEIVER?

25 Mhz spacing.

Q: Is the Micro M760 compatible with the PS Engineering PM 1200 intercom?

The Microair M760 has a built in intercom eliminating the need for an external intercom.

Q: Looking for dimensions of this Microair M760 transceiver. What is the depth of this unit?

Depth of this unit is 5.3 inches.

Q: What antenna can I use with this radio in a fiberglass glider? Would any of RAMI type work? I have this radio installed in PW 5 glider and we are having communication issues. I think, tail fin antenna isnt working ok. Any easy fix?

You can use the AV-10 top mount antenna or the AV-17 bottom mount antenna. Either of those will work great for this radio

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