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Part# 11-10012
MFR Model# E-04.0


Replacement battery pack for the E-04 Series 406 ELT.

Note: This is not a direct replacement for the E-01 battery.


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Very happy with order and quick shopping

Terry B
September 26, 2019

Would have gave 5 stars but ACK had a back order on these.(3 weeks) Not Aircraft Spruces fault.

Sanford M
June 21, 2019

Like the ACK ELT, but hate the cost of this replacement battery. Seems like another case of stick it to the customer because he has no choice but to use our battery configuration.

Gary H
May 16, 2019

I love Spruce overall and especially your speedy delivery. On this product I was surprised and disappointed that battery shelf life expires in Sep 2023. It is replacing a battery that never flew because aircraft is still under construction. I hope for first flight this year. I was under the impression battery was good for 5 years from manufacture or 1 st flight. I should have waited until closer to 1 st flight There were no instructions for disposal of old battery.

Gail P
April 30, 2019

Bought the ELT years ago and was happy to see the battery was available quickly and not at an outrageous price.

Forrest A
April 11, 2019

Shipped fast and the battery was really new. Like about two weeks old. Impressive service.

April 4, 2019

Shipped fast. Easy installation. Worked as expected. Expiration date was a month less than the month we were on.

Rick S
March 19, 2019

When you purchase battery I suggest speaking to aircraft spruce in advance to confirm the expiry date ... The battery I received was not 5 years - almost 5 months expired already - no price adjustment for the lapse (shipping back is not economical - due to cost) - the response provided we will send batteries with up to 75% of expiry date - my thoughts are - adjust price to reflect amount of time time expiry date - heads up !

Neal S
November 17, 2018

The only problem I had with this order was not with aircraft Spruce but with ups who would not allow a pickup at there terminal which was only 10 minutes away

Alvin M
July 21, 2018

Battery was in stock and shipped quickly. Battery manufacture date was within three weeks of delivery to me which is outstanding. Changeout was a breeze. Highly recommended.

Gerry P
July 9, 2018


Q: Is this battery a direct replacement for the model e-01 that the e-04 model replaces?

No, the E-04 battery will not work as a direct replacement for the E-01 battery.

Q: How long is the battery life on your E-04 P/N 11-10012 battery?

The battery is rated for 5 years.

Q: Is the MSDS available for this ACK E-04 Series Replacement Battery?

Yes, we have added it to the Documents tab of this web page. Please review it there.

Q: Is this battery the replacement of elt battery pack with pn: 0141823-e ? If not what is the replacement? What do you suggest?

No, this is strictly for the ACK E-04 ELT. We unfortunately do not have a recommendation for the 0141823-e.

Q: Since these are lithium based batteries, are they rechargable?

No, these batteries have a 5 year lifespan and are not rechargeable.

Q: How much does the ACK E-04 ELT replacement battery weigh?

Approx 1.17 lbs.

Q: Can this lithium battery be air shipped, like UPS Next Day Air?

Yes, this can be shipped via air, however, it will be expensive as hazardous fees will apply.

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