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From $25.00 to $4387.00
Description Spruce
Price Buy
Screens SV-D700 Skyview 7 inch Display Includes main wiring harness 10-03933 $2549.00
-- SV-D700 Skyview 7 inch Display Only 10-03935 $2330.00
-- SV-D1000 Skyview 10 inch Display Includes main wiring harness 10-03932 $2945.00
-- SV-D1000 Skyview 10 inch Display Only 10-03934 $2890.00
-- SV-HDX800/A 7" SkyView HDX Display Bundle Includes main wiring harness 10-06255 $3149.00
-- SV-HDX800/A 7" SkyView HDX Display (No Harness) 10-06237 $3090.00
-- SV-HDX1100/A 10" SkyView HDX Display Bundle Includes main wiring harness 10-06254 $4387.00
-- SV-HDX1100/A 10" SkyView HDX Display (No Harness) 10-06236 $4350.00
EFIS/EMS/GPS Components SV-ADAHRS-200 SkyView ADAHRS - First 10-03936 $1165.00
-- SV-ADAHRS-200 & 201 SkyView ADAHRS - Dual 10-04018 $1940.00
-- 101293-00 SkyView Secondary ADAHRS - Requires Primary 10-03937 $775.00
-- 102388-000 SkyView Remote Magnetometer 10-05884 $135.00
-- SV-EMS-220 SkyView Engine Monitoring Module 10-03938 $580.00
-- SV-GPS-250 SkyView GPS 5Hz Receiver Module 10-03939 $195.00
-- SV-GPS-2020 SkyView GPS / ADS-B Receiver 10-05909 $575.00
-- SV-BAT-320 SkyView Backup Battery 10-03940 $175.00
-- SV-ETHERNET-3CC Dynon Ethernet Cable 10-04679 $25.00
-- SV-HARNESS-D37 Dynon Display Harness with Wiring 10-03941 $90.00
-- 101406-000 Skyview ARINC Adapter 10-04520 $460.00
-- SV-VPX-290 SkyView Vertical Power Unlock Code 10-04810 $265.00
-- SV-NET-1.5CC Network Cable – Both ends with connectors, 1.5’ long Aircraft Grade Tefzel® Wiring 10-05615 $40.00
-- SV-NET-3CC Network Cable - Both ends with connectors, 3’ long 10-03942 $45.00
-- SV-NET-6CC Network Cable - Both ends with connectors, 6’ long 10-03943 $45.00
-- SV-NET-10CP Network Cable - 1 end with connector, 1 end with pins only, 10’ 10-03944 $50.00
-- SV-NET-15CP Network Cable - 1 end with connector, 1 end with pins only, 15’ 10-03945 $55.00
-- SV-NET-20CP Network Cable - 1 end with connector, 1 end with pins only, 20’ 10-03946 $60.00
-- SV-NET-25CP Network Cable - 1 end with connector, 1 end with pins only, 25’ 10-04619 $65.00
-- SV-NET-30CP Network Cable - 1 end with connector, 1 end with pins only, 30’ 10-04620 $70.00
-- SV-NET-HUB Network Hub 10-04904 $50.00
-- SV-NET-SPL Network Splitter 10-03948 $90.00
-- SV-NET-SERVO Network Autopilot Servo Wiring Kit Includes 20 10-04491 $55.00
Control Knobs SV-KNOB-PANEL/H SkyView Knob Control Panel (Horizontal) 10-05614 $245.00
-- SV-KNOB-PANEL/V SkyView Knob Control Panel (Vertical) 10-05613 $245.00
-- -- Dynon SkyView ADS-B with 5 Ft Harness 11-11938 $827.00
-- -- Dynon SkyView ADS-B with Custom Harness 11-11939 $858.00
Transponders 101409-000 SkyView SV-XPNDR-261 Mode S Class 1 10-04518 $2130.00
-- -- SkyView Mode S Class 1 Transponder with 7 ft Harness 11-11953 $2199.00
-- -- SkyView Mode S Class 1 Transponder with Custom Harness 11-11954 $2274.00
-- 101410-000 SkyView SV-XPNDR-262 Mode S Class 2 10-04519 $1750.00
-- -- SkyView Mode S Class 2 Transponder with 7 ft Harness 11-11948 $1819.00
-- -- SkyView Mode S Class 2 Transponder with Custom Harness 11-11949 $1850.00
Probes and Sensors 101711-000 Dynon Kavlico Lyc. / Cont. 4 Cyl Carb Probe Package 10-04827 $755.00
-- 101711-003 Dynon Kavlico Lyc. / Cont. 4 Cyl Fuel Probe Package 10-04830 $735.00
-- 101711-001 Dynon Kavlico Lyc. / Cont. 6 Cyl Carb Probe Package 10-04828 $895.00
-- 101711-004 Dynon Kavlico Lyc. / Cont. 6 Cyl Fuel Probe Package 10-04831 $885.00
-- 101711-002 Dynon Kavlico Rotax 912 Probe Package 10-04829 $370.00
-- 101711-005 4 Cyl. Jabiru Probe Package 10-04832 $550.00
-- 101711-006 6 Cyl Jabiru Probe Package 10-04833 $665.00
-- 100403-003 Dynon EMS Fuel Flow Sensor
1/4" NPT Female .6 - 70 GPH
10-01165 $194.00
-- 101690-000 Kavlico Carb Fuel Pressure Sensor 10-04820 $85.00
-- 101692-000 Dynon Kavlico Oil Pressure Sensor
10-04822 $85.00
-- 101693-000 Dynon Kavlico Oil Pressure Sensor
150 PSI
10-04823 $85.00
-- 101715-000 Dynon Kavlico Gravity Fed Pressure Sensor 5 PSI 10-04824 $85.00
-- 100654-000 Dynon Capacitance to Volt Converter 10-02159 $50.00
A/P Control SV-AP-PANEL/H SkyView Autopilot Control Panel (Horizontal) 10-05612 $535.00
-- SV-AP-PANEL/V SkyView Autopilot Control Panel (Vertical) 10-05611 $535.00
Servos SV32 Standard output arm, Retail Includes SV32:100754-000,Limiting Braket Kit: 101025-000 10-03561 $725.00
-- SV32C Capstan, Includes SV32C: 100754-002, Capstan Accessory Kit: 101116-000 10-03950 $725.00
-- SV32L Long Output Arm, Includes SV32L: 100754-001, Limiting Bracket Kit: 101025-000 10-03562 $725.00
-- SV42C Capstan, Includes SV42C: 101008-002, Capstan Accessory Kit: 101116-000 10-03951 $725.00
-- SV42 Standard output arm, Includes SV42: 101008-000, Limiting Bracket Kit: 101025-000 10-03563 $725.00
-- SV42L Long Output Arm, Includes SV42L: 101008-001, Limiting Bracket Kit: 101025-000 10-03564 $725.00
-- SV52 Standard Output Arm, Includes SV52: 101021-000, Limiting Bracket Kit: 101025-000 10-04492 $725.00
-- SV52C Capstan, Includes SV52C: 101021-002, Capstan Accessory Kit: 101116-000 10-04493 $725.00
Servo + Mounting Kit Packages -- RV-6 Roll Servo + Mounting Kit: Includes Servo mounting kit RV-6 roll(fuselage):101020-001, pkg SV32L (long output arm): 100854-001 10-03555 $795.00
-- -- RV-7/8 Roll Servo + Mounting Kit: Includes Servo Mounting kit- RV-7/8 roll (R wing): 101020-003, pkg SV32 (std. output arm): 100854-000 10-03556 $795.00
-- -- RV-9 Roll Servo + Mounting Kit: Includes Servo Mounting kit-RV-9 roll (R wing): 101020-004, pkg SV32 (std. output arm): 100854-000 10-03557 $795.00
-- -- RV- 4/8 Pitch Servo + Mounting Kit: Includes Servo Mounting kit- RV-4/8 Pitch: 101020-002, pkg SV32 (std. output arm): 100854-000 10-03560 $795.00
-- -- RV-6/7/9 Pitch Servo + Mounting Kit: Includes Servo Mounting Kit- RV-6/7/9 Pitch: 101020-005, pkg SV32 (std. output arm): 100854-000 10-03559 $795.00
-- -- RV-10 Roll Servo + Mounting Kit Package: Includes servo mounting kit RV-10 roll (right wing): 101020-003, SV42 (std output arm): 101058-000 10-04076 $795.00
-- -- RV-10 Pitch Servo + Mounting Kit: Includes servo mounting kit RV-10 pitch (fuselage): 101020-006, pkg SV42 (std output arm): 101058-000 10-03893 $795.00
-- -- Sonex pitch with servo 10-05885 $825.00
-- -- Sonex roll with servo 10-05886 $825.00
Servo Push Rod Kits -- Servo Push Rod Kit- Generic (Push-Pull) 10-03567 $25.00
Wifi Adapter 102405-00 Dynon Skyview Wifi Adapter 10-05867 $35.00
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SkyView... the professional glass panel system for experimental and Light Sport aircraft.

Future Expandability SkyView Overview:
Experimental and LSA pilots know that they have the most technologically advanced GA aircraft flying. SkyView continues that tradition with the next generation of glass panels, offering fully redundant networks and systems, incredibly bright screens, design flexibility, and future upgradability unsurpassed by anything else flying. SkyView development is proceeding on course.

Mechanical Specifications:
Links to mechanical drawings can be found on the left of this page.

System Components:
The system architecture is shown below.

Advanced Screens:
Very bright, high-resolution screens driven by advanced graphic processors create highly visible and readable displays. Screen resolutions are 1024x600 for the SV-D1000 10” and 800x480 for the SV-D700 7”. Brightness is over 1350 nits for the 10” display and 1200 nits for the 7” display. Displays are fully dimmable for night flight. A wiring harness included with each display makes for easy connections between displays and modules.

Integrated User Interface:
Two ten-position control knobs (left, right, up, down, diagonal, push, and rotary) offer easy and intuitive control of your SkyView displays. EFIS, EMS, Autopilot, Moving Map, 3-D Terrain/Synthetic Vision, and menu structures are all available with less than three button presses. Future functionality will include external video display, weather data, traffic, and complete Com radio, Nav radio, and transponder control.

SkyView Network:
Every SkyView system display and module is connected by two independent power and data buses. The failure of any bus connection or module will result in automatic fail-over to a working bus or module.

Total System Battery Backup:
The system battery will provide over an hour of backup power to displays and modules.

Flexible User Interface:
The default screen setups are logical and functional, so you can start flying with a minimum of setup time. But as you determine your preferences and screen layouts, the displayed data can be configured in ways that work best for you.

Engine Module:
The SV-EMS-220 can be mounted closer to the engine, allowing easier wire routing. Note: the SV-EMS-220 cannot be mounted on the engine side of the firewall.

ADAHRS Module:
The SV-ADAHRS-200 is a complete MEMS-based attitude reference and air data computer, integrated with a digital compass. This allows easier mounting and higher accuracy calibration between the system components. One or more SV-ADAHRS-201 Modules can be added to a SkyView System for redundancy.

GPS Receiver:
The SV-GPS-250 connects to the system backup battery for greater reliability. Other NMEA compatible GPS receivers may also be connected to the SkyView system and used in lieu of or redundant to the SV-GPS-250.

Your existing Dynon engine monitor sensors and harness will work with the new SV-EMS-220 Engine Module. Your existing Dynon Servos will work with the SkyView system, including a redundant network connection. Your existing Dynon pitot probes will also work with the SkyView system.

USB Updates:
Convenient program and data updates via USB memory stick.

Example Order:
Basic two 10” displays with EMS & ADAHRS setup
2 x 10-03932 - SkyView 10” Display (includes main wiring harness)
1 x 10-03939 - SkyView GPS 5Hz Receiver Module (pins into main harness)
1 x 10-03940 - SkyView Backup Battery
2 x 10-03942 - Network Cable – Both ends with connectors, 3’ long*
1 x 10-03938 - SkyView Engine Monitoring Module
1 x Engine Harness – See list below
1 x 10-03936 - SkyView ADAHRS – First ADAHRS
1 x 10-03943 - Network Cable – Both ends with connectors, 6’ long*
*Choose appropriate network cable distance. “With connectors” have 9 pin connectors attached at both ends where “with pins only” has one 9 pin connector attached and bare wires at the other end (extra 9 pin connector included “with pins only” cable).

Ordering Notes

Read more about Dynon Transponder updates here.
Servos, Multiple servos models are available to suit different aircraft control force requirements. The SV32 is rated at 36 in-lb of torque and the SV42 at 55 in-lb. Servos are also available with with capstan drives for use in aircraft with cable-driven controls.
*PN 10-03567 is not to be used with any C style Dynon servo (example 32C, 42C, 52C)


  • 10” and 7” Displays
  • PFD
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Moving Map
  • Terrain
  • Engine Monitor
  • Autopilot
  • Radio / Transponder Interface
  • LRU (Line Replaceable Unit)
  • Architecture
  • Redundant, Simplified Wiring
  • Very Bright High-Resolution
  • Screens, 1350 and 1200 Nits
  • Dual Joystick Knobs
  • Extended Runways Centerlines
  • Highway in the Sky (HITS)
  • Airport Signposts in Synthetic Vision
  • Maintenance Logging
  • Weight and Balance Calculator
  • ADS-B Traffic and Weather from SkyView’s SV-ADSB-470 is now transmitted via Wi-Fi for use by 3rd party apps (FlyQ, Foreflight, etc)
  • Airspace proximity notification. This includes airspace you are in, upcoming airspace along your flight path, and those that are above and below you.
  • Activating “Direct-To” with a runway selected under airport runway info will create a 5nm leg to the chosen runway along the extended centerline.
  • VNAV from SkyView’s flight plan to your destination airport, arriving either above the airport or right at the runway itself.
  • EGT/CHT widget now available in “vertical” orientation.
  • SkyView Software v15’s new features are available as a free upgrade for all customers.
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New EMS module corrected RF EMI issue on Skyview Classic display.

John K
September 22, 2019

Teodor S
March 1, 2019

Needed a backup battery for a Skyview display and very few companies stock them. You do, which saved a lot of shipping time coast to coast. Thanks again for the great service.

Steve T
January 15, 2019

Wayne K
May 26, 2018

dynon skyview knob and pa panel

May 12, 2014

In addition to being ridiculously priced, this back up battery has very short connection wires. On my 2012 CTLSi the connectors had to be changed Very little wire to work with

Phil B
March 19, 2020

Perfect companion for Seattle Avionics FlyQ. A bit finicky to get set up but works great afterwards. Remember to buy two if you have a dual Skyview setup..

Wesley T
February 8, 2017


Q: What is the appropriate antenna cable for the transponder with a 6 ft run?

You have the option of RG 400 or RG 58 coax cable. RG 400 is a higher quality cable but either will work.

Q: Is the Skyview system from Dynon usable for certified aircraft?

No, the Skyview system is not TSO'd and is intended for experimental aircraft.

Q: Are the D-sub pins on the Dynon cables standard or high density pins?

They are standard density pins.

Q: Can you provide a diagram of the EMS fuel flow sensor ? Dimensions ?

This would be part number 10-01196. The diagram is under the documents tab.

Q: Can this Dynon Skyview system be installed on a King Air C90?

No, this system is not FAA Approved and is intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: Although the Dynon SkyView system is not TSOd..can it be fitted as a back up system in a certificated aircraft--or are products such as Garmin the only option....

Unfortunately, this unit cannot be installed in a certificated aircraft even as a back up. Please see the certified G5 for a qualifying unit.

Q: Do you sell the Skyview 10 HDX?

Yes, you can find it on our website by keyword searching "Skyview HDX" or part # 10-06254.

Q: Does the Autopilot Panel, part #'s 10-05614 and 10-05613 come with the necessary parts to make the 15-pin connector?

Yes, these will include the connector kits.

Q: What type of servo is provided with the Sonex Roll with servo kit 10-05886? Is it a SV32L (long arm)?

The servo provided is the SV42EL.

Q: Do I still need to buy the SV-MAP-270 unlock key if I buy the system now? According to Dynon this certificate is included in all the Skyview display packages that is purchased. As of August 2016, NAVIGATION MAPPING software now included with the following DISPLAYS: SkyView Classic (D1000, D700), SkyView Touch, & SkyView HDX

No, if you purchase the SkyView Touch System now, you will not not need to purchase the SV-MAP-270 unlock key.All functionality of that software will be included with your purchase.

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