Val Avionics COM 2000 VHF Transceiver

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Part# 11-06411
MFR Model# 0800105-7


The COM 2000 continues the tradition of hard working, affordable avionics by Val Avionics with the introduction of the smallest panel mounted COM radio available today. Turning back to a more traditional design, the COM 2000 features dual concentric knob controls, displayed active and standby frequency with push button flip-flop and a manual squelch control. It's 3/8" character display is easy to read from any angle and in any lighting condition. This mighty little radio's all metal construction is designed to serve all your communication needs well into the future.
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  • Dual concentric knobs.
  • Displayed active & standby frequencies.
  • Push button flip flop between active and standby frequencies.
  • Manual squelch control.
  • Large display characters.
  • Readable from any angle, any light condition.
  • 15 location memory with user defined alphanumeric identifiers.


  • Dimensions: 6.25"W x 1.0"H x 9.0"D
  • Weight: 3.0lbs
  • Mounting: Panel-mounted (No shock mounting required.)
  • Power: 11-32 VDC, 0.5A
  • Transmit: C37c DO-186 Class 4
  • Receive: C38c DO-186
  • Environmental: RTCA DO-160B
  • Temperature: -25 Deg. to +55 Deg. C
  • VHF Frequency: 118.000 to 136.975 MHz
  • Channel Spacing: 25kHz
  • Audio output: 5W to 4ohms Speakers 50mW
  • Carrier Power: 8 W nom. RMS


Have not used it yet, still installing it, but just powered it up last evening. It looks like a well made radio & appears to have great functionality & ease of use. One frustration is that I could not find the RS232 wiring harness that is recommended. It does not appear on the VAL website that I could find & apparently Aircraft Spruce does not list it either. So I used the connector & pins that came with the radio to assemble/solder the existing wires to the connector.

Charles K Verified Purchase


April 6, 2023

My 5 star review is conditioned to the lower end radio category. People by VAl and expect the same performance of a King 97 or higher... They are mostly backup radios in our fleet, with two exceptions. They get the job done whenever the primary ones fail, as described in the example bellow. Twice our Icon A200 (two different units) failed and Icon refused to service those units. They said they are two old and no longer supported). Val just accepted our old 760 in for repair. So guess what? I had to spent over $2,500 to replace the two Icon radios but will spend only the repair and shipping costs to keep my old Val 760.

98x L
September 5, 2019

The only simple flip flop radio on the market. I bought two, along with the Val INS 429 indicator to give me two comms, a VOR, and 3LMB. I then got a used Garmin 400w off eBay. Now, I have a great IFR panel with more redundancy than a 430w could give for less cost. The radio are clear as a bell. The manual squelch is the only way to go. Jim Harr at Val was great to work with.

Todd B
March 31, 2017

Radio is basic and simple but does what I need and wanted. I had some glitches that have been taken care of by Val, which has excellent customer support. Good value for the money.

Zac W
November 18, 2019

Same issues as the other users. Squealing noise intermittently - looks to be a possible systemic isssue

June 4, 2018

We had intermittent issues with lowed background squeal and poor transition. Customer service communication ranged from slow to completely unresponsive. In the end, the only solution was to purchase a different receiver. Search “Val COM2000 receive squeal” on YouTube.

Mike M
April 7, 2017


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Q: does Val Avioncs Com 2000 VHF Transceiver unit come with the tray, connector and install manual?

The Val Avionics Com 2000 comes with the tray, connector kit and the manual is in PDF format in the documents tab of the product page.

Q: Is the VAL COM 2000 VHF Transceiver TSO'ed?

Per the manual, the Val Avionics Com 2000 VHF Transceiver has been tested and found to meet specification of TSO-C169a.

Q: Is this Val Avionics Com 200 VHF radio ADS-B capable?

Radio equipment is not required by the ADS-B mandate. You will need a mode S transponder along with a WAAS GPS to be ADS-B compliant.

Q: Is the Val Avionics Com 2000 VHF Transceiver a 760 channel unit?

Yes, this is a 760 channel transceiver with 25 KHZ spacing.

Q: Is this unit a direct replacement for the Val 760?

No, this unit is not a direct replacement for the VAL 760.

Q: Is the Val Avionics Com 2000 vhf transceiver a 24v unit?

Per the manufacturer's install manual, it is 11 - 30 VDC.

Q: The manufacturers website states that the unit has an RS-232 port that will allow it to emulate an SL40. Does this mean that the unit will communicate with a Garmin Aera 660?

No, the Garmin Aera 660 cannot be tied in with this unit.

Q: Are the VAL avionics approved for general aviation or just for experimental aircraft?

Per the VAL website: These products are not FAA TSO approved, however, this product meets or exceeds TSO standards for use in certificated aircraft. Please see this webpage for details on whether these can be installed in a certified aircraft:

Q: Does the VAL avionics COM 2000 have the correct wiring to be a 2 place intercom or does it need a separate intercom unit for this?

You will need a separate intercom.

Q: Does this Val Avionics COM 2000 come with a rack?

Yes a tray and connector kit are included.

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