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Backup or Primary Flight Instrument with Optional Autopilot Capability.
G5 electronic flight instrument for experimental amateur-built (EAB) and light sport aircraft (LSA). The compact and cost-effective G5 delivers exceptional performance and reliability, serving as either a backup instrument to G3X™ or other EFIS systems or as a standalone primary flight display, with optional autopilot mode annunciation. Boasting a bright, 3.5-inch sunlight-readable liquid crystal display (LCD) with built-in GPS, G5 displays attitude, ground track, altitude, airspeed, groundspeed, vertical speed, slip/skid, course (lateral) deviation, vertical deviation and incorporates a dedicated HSI page. Even more capabilities are available when integrated with G3X glass flight displays. Additionally, the G5 can serve as part of a highly capable standalone autopilot solution when paired with compatible autopilot mode controllers and autopilot servos.

Seamless Cockpit Integration
The G5 offers EAB/LSA aircraft owners a cost-effective path to add a primary or backup flight instrument to their cockpits, which combines essential flight information on an easy-to-read display. Suitable for installation in place of a standard 3-1/8-inch (79.4 mm) flight instrument, the G5 can easily be integrated into an EAB/LSA cockpit. The easy-to-install G5 flight instrument measures 3 inches in depth when paired with the backup battery and 2.1 inches without the battery. Installation is further simplified as the G5 incorporates pitot and static inputs that easily integrate with the aircraft’s existing pitot/static system. The G5 includes a built-in GPS antenna but can see improved reception when paired to an approved WAAS GPS antenna such as the GA 35.


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Lost my vacuum pump and decided to apply the $500 towards a G5 which relegated my AI, DG, pump, regulator and suction gauge to the surplus bin. A net change of -8 lbs. The G5 is wonderful, very simple to install and pairs nicely with the Aera 660. Initial set up was super easy. The Spruce harness is well constructed but not marked. You need a meter to determine the pin out. The HSI feature nicely displays the Aeras nav data and makes the Aeras marginal VNAV feature very usable. Ill be buying a second G5 as a dedicated HSI/backup PFD.

January 23, 2019

I bought the G5 mostly so I could have an attitude indicator without installing a vacuum system. It was easy to install and configure for my needs. I haven’t installed a gps antenna for it but I recommend one because I was losing signal in the turns. There wasn’t any documentation in the box however are there 2 manuals available online once you find them. Both are fairly large so I did not print either. I don’t keep my tablet at the shop or I would have downloaded the manuals and used it. Instead, I just walked to the office and looked at it on the desktop whenever I had a question. The harness I ordered with it appears to be top quality. The wires are labeled.

September 17, 2018

Replaced a vacuum-driven attitude indicator in my RV-6 with a G5. OMG what a lovely little instrument it is. Ive been using it for 6 months now. Very comprehensive feature set for such a small and relatively cheap package. The only thing its missing which I think it should have is a g-meter display (it has enough sensors its only software and screen real estate) So impressed with it, Im about to buy my second unit to replace the vacuum-driven DG, so I can run it as a HSI and completely eliminate the vacuum system and mechanical CDI from the aircraft. Two G5s driven by a GNS430W coupled to an autopilot is a remarkably cheap and featureful way to turn a steam-gauge sixpack E/AB aircraft into a pretty capable IFR platform.

Mark N
April 23, 2018

Pierre L
September 19, 2017

The G5 has Some problems with a slow 360 turn as a bank angle of 5 to 10 degrees. Half way the turn its starts te reallign and If you come out of the turn it show the turn bank angle. after some time it starts to reallighn If you keep on flying streat ahead. Than the Heading/Track and Groundspeed Numbers are much to small and are unreadable as magenta against a black background is poorly readable, same with the HSI page, track heading groundspeed and error bug are unreadable in an airplane in flight with sunlight. My opinioun up to know is that Garmin has Packed to many functions in the instrument and have not took ergonomisch in recreational or experimental in to account.

Willem M
June 19, 2017

Five stars to customer service agent Donna McElroy. Not so many for the ordering experience. After numerous delays I finally have the G5. No paper work in the box - at all. No warranty card, no how to install, use, etc. Six calls, three to customer service and three to avionics, twice being sent to the ozone, I met Donna McElroy who took the time, only about five minutes, to ferret out the problem which she said she had never encountered. Thank you Donna. So, I have the PDF manuals which I get to print with my own resources. $1,300 cant cover the manual? Garmin has an online warranty page but its been down the last few days. McElroy is the best resource Aircraft Spruce has. Give her a raise!

Matt K
May 13, 2017

El Q
October 21, 2016


Q: I didn't see the optional battery for the Garmin G5 on your website. Is it available?

Yes. The optional battery is part # 11-14314.

Q: For installation in an instrument panel in a metal aircraft, is a remote GPS antenna needed and if so, which antenna is recommended?

An internal GPS antenna is included so a remote GPS antenna is not necessary. However, the GA 35 GPS antenna can be installed if preferred.

Q: Does the Garmin G5 include AOA functionality?

No. The Garmin G5 does not AOA capabilities.

Q: What are the exterior dimensions of the front panel of the Garmin G5?

|The front panel dimensions are 3.42" X 3.6".

Q: Can this experimental version (part # 11-14312) unit installed in certified aircraft or is it just for homebuilts?

This version, part # 11-14312, is intended for use in experimental (homebuilt) aircraft only. For certified aircraft, please see part # 11-14579 or 11-14582.

Q: Does the Garmin G5 electronic flight instrument have outputs to drive an autopilot? If yes, does it command roll steering?

It will drive a GSA 28 servo (Garmin G3X servo) via the can-bus input/output on the G5.

Q: Will the Garmin G5 instrument work correctly in a tail dragger?

Yes, the G5 will function properly in a tail dragger.

Q: Is it possible to read the voltage on the aircraft bus on the Garmin G5?

No, the Garmin G5 does not read volts.

Q: Does the heading indicator in the Garmin G5 work on a stand-alone unit?

In the STC'd version and experimental there is a compass / heading strip on the top of the display. This is based on built-in AHRS and GPS info.

Q: Can this new Garmin G5 instrument display both track and magnetic heading? Can the heading readout use a remote mounted Garmin magnetometer independent and not connected to any other Garmin instruments?

The G5 can use a magnetometer only when tied in with a G3X system. The G5 is a pitot static and GPS based instrument. There is no independent function for a standalone magnetometer/G5 combination. The heading readout uses GPS unless paired with the G3X.

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