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Part# 11-06190
MFR Model# 0588.687-915


Becker continues to develop leading-edge technology and innovative equipment. They are an efficient electronics company committed to high-quality production, installation, service and sales of our equipment and systems. Becker has earned an enviable international reputation for the unsurpassed quality and reliability of its products.

The BXP6401-1-(01) is a compact and lightweight single block Mode-S transponder. It is certified according to ETSO-2C112a and is suited for VFR and IFR operations up to 50,000 feet!

The transponder is equipped with extended squitter and SI code function and it provides an interface to the central aircraft data system. It allows ELS, supports EHS, as well as ADS-B via extended squitter. The BXP6401-1-(01) is designed for panel mounting and fits into a 2 inch cut out.

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Q: What power source is compatible with the Becker BXP6401-1 Mode S transponder?

Per the Becker BXP6401-1 Mode S transponder Manual: 10.0 V to 33.0 V DC. In Operation: 0.43 A at 14 V, 0.25 A at 28 V In Standby: 0.22 A at 14 V, 0.14 A at 28 V

Q: What would happen if power was interrupted and with the Becker BXP6401-1 Mode S transponder?

If power was disrupted with the Becker Bxp6401-1 Mode S Transponder the unit would turn off.

Q: What is needed for the Becker 6401-1 transponder to have 2020 ADSB out capability?

For a complete ADS-B out solution using the 6401-1 you will require a certified WAAS source such as a Garmin GNS/GTN series navigator or, other WAAS GPS source and, an altitude encoder.

Q: Can this Becker BXP6401-1-(01) transponder share a gps antenna with a GNS480? Can this model transponder be paired with the GNS480, squawk control? I understand that this transponder if set up with WAAS antenna and a traditional transponder antenna it is capable of ads-b out only correct?

This transponder does not have a built in WAAS module and as such, cannot be paired with a WAAS antenna for ADS-B out. It must be connected to a WAAS GPS based navigator, such as the GNS 480 via a RS-232 data line in order to supply ADS-B out.