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Part# 11-08282
MFR Model# 09168P-31


This Electret Microphone is a noise canceling type designed to operate in place of carbon and amplified dynamic microphones. The microphone provides clear, crisp voice transmission while dramatically reducing omni-directional ambient noise. It will not operate in circuits that do not supply a DC bias voltage.

Most modern aviation communications equipment do supply this required voltage. If unsure, consult with your radio technical manual or with your local avionics shop. It is intended for use with wire booms.


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Replacing the Microphone renewed the DC headset- which is probably 45 years old but still works fine otherwise. Works perfectly.

Brian V
January 25, 2021

I installed this on a David Clark H10-40 as part of an overall upgrade to replace the M4 electret microphone. The M4 uses a brown colored cap to boost the signal, and the M7 doesnt need the cap. Consequently replacing the M4 with the M7 will require removing foam and the speaker in the left cup to access the wiring, removing the cap and resoldering the red and white wires from the microphone boom. Performance is superb and well worth the additional effort.

Larry V
August 18, 2020

As advertised. This microphone works flawlessly in a high noise environment. Great product.

Jim C
August 26, 2017

One of the best investments Ive ever made. Had a dead mic on an older H10-40 and replaced with this one. 100% compatible. Mic quality is so good, this (previously inop) headset is now my primary.

Norm S
March 4, 2017

DC is well know for quality and ruggedness and this mic delivers both. The two things that dropped it from a 5 to a 4 are that there was no muff included, I assumed that when you spend $70 on a new mic it would come with a muff. Secondly, the mic I received was black, I was hoping for the DC signature green like the picture. Both of these issues are minor disappointments and Im sure the mic will give me many years of service.

Jeff O
June 6, 2016


Q: I have an older DC headset and the microphone is defective. It says on it that it is a model M-4. Will the M-7 fit and work?

We recommend part number 11-05896 for replacing the M-4 electret microphone.

Q: Does this David Clark M-7 micorphone work with DC H10-30 and does it come with a cable?

Yes, this is the microphone that comes with the H10-30. This does not come with a cable.

Q: What is the actual dB of noise cancelling this David Clark M-7 mic provides?

Communications can be carried on in noise levels up to 120db SPL.

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