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Part# 11-05277
MFR Model# 455-0012


ELT BATTERY/LITHIUM/6 Year/for use with ARTEX ELT's/Includes:452-6499 battery pack, 183-0050 replacement gasket, 200-01-0006 label

***NOT FOR THE ME406 1000 MODEL*** SEE P/N 11-13028

MFR #: 455-0012

5-year Lithium Pack, for ME406, ME406 HM, ME406 ACE, ME406/P

Approvals: TSO C126, TSO C142
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Visually it appears to be identical to the original. Everything fits seems to be a good product.

September 1, 2020

Best thing about coronavirus is rapid delivery by UPS. This helped immensely with turnaround time on annual inspection.

Robert F
April 10, 2020

We experienced a simple and quick replacement of the expired battery with this kit.

Fred P
September 20, 2019

Dont know what to say other than it has 7 years life and looked like the one I took out. It had enough energy in it to do the annual test. The last one lasted the 7 years. Well see about this one.

May 6, 2018

Shipped promptly, battery marked with an expiration date 7 years in the future (2025) so it was a recently manufactured one. Artex says battery should be replaced on or before 6 years after it is installed so it should go the distance. The install kit contains instructions, a new gasket and a couple of extra screws in case you loose one.

James N
February 11, 2018

Fast fast fast shipping, thank you

Juan M
December 1, 2017

Arrived in perfect condition with 7 years to expiration.

R.f. S
April 27, 2017

The battery pack includes everything including the back plate with updated expiration date information. The price is a bit much but what can you do?

Richard G
January 9, 2020


Q: the Airtex me406 lithium battery pack says it is a 5 yr. battery. Does that need replacement every 24 months per FAR

Per Far 91.207 You need to replace the battery- (1) When the transmitter has been in use for more than 1 cumulative hour; or (2) When 50 percent of their useful life (or, for rechargeable batteries, 50 percent of their useful life of charge) has expired, as established by the transmitter manufacturer under its approval. The new expiration date for replacing (or recharging) the battery must be legibly marked on the outside of the transmitter and entered in the aircraft maintenance record.

Q: Is this the battery for Artex Part # 455-6607 (ARTEX ME406 ELT ROD ANT USA)?

Yes, this is the replacement battery kit for the Artex ME406 ELT series.

Q: 1. Is this battery pack considered to be Dangerous Goods? 2. If so, how many grams of Lithium in each battery? 3. May this battery pack be conveyed on passenger aircraft?

Yes, the Artex replacement battery (11-05277) is considered "hazmat" and includes 4.8 grams of lithium each. We do not recommend shipping this battery by air.

Q: How much does this Artex ME406 replacement battery kit weigh?

Approx 0.85 lbs.

Q: Will a low battery/old battery cause an automatic alert, requiring a reset? When does the start of the 5 year period begin? The manufacture date?

The life of the battery is 5 years from the manufacturer date. Per the manual, there is no automated notice but there are specific steps to replace the battery.

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