Garmin GMA 350C Digital Audio Panel With Bluetooth

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Part# 11-13824
MFR Model# 010-00871-41


The first truly all-digital audio panel, the GMA 350 introduces a number of new technologies to the cockpit, including Telligence™ Voice Command, 3-D audio processing and advanced auto squelch.

Designed for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, the GMA 350c series incorporates Bluetooth technology for wireless access to music, phone, Garmin Pilot™ alerts and more. This adds to an impressive list of features, including industry-first Telligence Voice Command technology and 3D Audio processing, as well as enhanced auto squelch capability and more. These features decrease heads-down time and increase overall situational awareness in the cockpit.

The all-digital GMA 350c Bluetooth audio panel incorporates patented features and superior voice control to provide pilots with an exclusive feature set unmatched by any other audio panels on the market. Bluetooth technology provides more functionality in the cockpit, giving pilots the option to wirelessly connect a smartphone or tablet to the GMA 350c to easily make phone calls or to stream audio entertainment. Additionally, the GMA 350c series can be paired with the Garmin Pilot app to transmit terrain, obstacle or traffic alerts while in-flight. Pilot-controlled audio distribution ensures the appropriate communications are dispersed to passengers and crew accordingly.

Integration with VIRB® XE, Garmin’s next generation HD action camera, brings a new level of capability to the GMA 350c series. Bluetooth Audio connectivity offered by the GMA 350c allows pilots to connect wirelessly to VIRB® XE in place of a headset audio cable to conveniently overlay intercom audio and air traffic control communications while capturing rich, high definition video.

Telligence™ Voice Command allows pilots to activate select audio panel functions by spoken commands. For example, when workload is the highest, pilots can switch from approach to tower frequency with ease by simply stating “COMM one.” With stereo headsets, three-dimensional sound is simulated with 3D Audio, which mimics how pilots hear and process multiple audio sources. This technology differentiates the audio sources and their unique locations or seat position so they are easier to distinguish. For example, sound from COMM 1 will come from the left, whereas sound from COMM 2 will seem as though it’s coming from the right.

Advanced auto squelch automatically adapts to the volume level within the cockpit. An internal microphone senses ambient noise and adjusts cockpit speaker volume level to ensure important audio transmissions are heard throughout all phases of flight. The GMA 350c analyzes cockpit noise levels and adjusts speaker volume accordingly to ensure alerts are quieter on the ground and louder in-flight. The GMA 350c series includes pilot, copilot and up to five passenger stereo intercom. It also supports three stereo music inputs, as well as dual COMM, NAV and AUX audio inputs. A built-in digital clearance recorder can record up to 2.5 minutes of selected COMM radio transmissions, so pilots can optionally play back clearances or unclear radio transmissions.

Contributing to an easy and convenient upgrade path, the GMA 350c is pin-compatible with the GMA 340 and GMA 350. The GMA 350c is designed as a direct replacement for existing GMA audio panel installations and as a slide-in replacement for the GMA 350. In addition to enhanced Bluetooth capabilities, the GTN 750 series has tightly integrated audio compatibility with the GMA 35c remote audio processor. For use in helicopters, the GMA 350Hc has the same core features as the GMA 350c, adding three COMM support, night vision compatibility and more.


  • Intuitive front panel layout with cursor control and volume indicator
  • 6 to 7 position intercom: pilot, copilot, and 4 or 5 passengers
  • 3 stereo headset amplifiers: pilot, copilot and passengers
  • 2 stereo music source inputs
  • 5 selectable intercom operational modes
  • Independent pilot, copilot and passenger volume controls
  • Individual VOX processing for each mic input
  • Automatic selection of radio audio source when corresponding mic is selected
  • Split COMM transceiver function. Copilot may transmit and receive on one COMM while pilot transmits and receives on another.
  • Voice recognition
  • Automatic audio adjustment for ambient noise
  • 3-D Audio
  • Marker beacon receiver with lamp driver outputs


  • Physical dimensions: 6.25”W x 1.30”H x 7.80”D (15.9 x 3.3 x 19.8 cm)
  • Weight: 2.4 lb (1.1 kg)
  • Telephone interface: dedicated full-duplex tel interface (no PTT keying required)
  • ICS (intercom system): 6 to 7 position intercom (individual VOX processing for each mic position)
  • ICS isolation modes: 5 - All, Pilot, CoPilot, Crew/Pass, None
  • Transceivers: 2 - COM1, COM2
  • Additional receiver inputs: 5 - NAV1, NAV2, AUX1, AUX2, AUX3
  • Music source input: 2 stereo music source inputs
  • Music input impedance: rear pins: 600 Ohms; front panel jack: 5 kOhms
  • Music frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Speaker output: 28V aircraft — 10W into 4 Ohms, 7W into 8 Ohms; 14V aircraft — 3W into 4 Ohms
  • PA function: pilot selectable — requires pressing and holding SPKR button to change state
  • Marker beacon: dual sensitivity
  • Manual squelch: Yes
  • Automatic squelch: Yes
  • SmartMute (includes SmartMute marker audio muting): Yes
  • Intercom volume controls: Yes
  • Manual VOX level controls: 1 (shared threshold, individual processing)
  • Avionics squelch (squelch processing for noise reduction): Yes
  • Split com (CoPilot transmits and receives on Com2 while Pilot transmits and receives on Com1): Yes
  • Failsafe (connects Pilot PTT, mic and headset to COM1 if unit is turned off): Yes
  • Clearance recorder: Yes
  • Alert/Unswitched inputs: 5
  • Front panel jack: yes (3.5mm - smartphone compatible)
  • Front panel music volume control: yes (music and telephone volume controls)
  • TSO Authorization: yes
  • Additional: includes marker, AUX and speaker volume controls; also features 3D spatial audio and automatic speech recognition.
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January 11, 2021


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Q: Can the GMA 350c be connected via Bluetooth to an iPad for receiving music and audio output from Garmin Pilot app while the same iPad is connected to a GTX 345 for transmitting GPS weather and traffic data to Garmin Pilot app?

You can connect both of these to the iPad to run at the same time so long as you have no other Bluetooth audio connected to the device. You are able to have up to 7 Bluetooth pairings with the iPad, but only one of each kind can be connected at once, meaning you cannot have headphones and the GMA 350 paired, only one or the other.

Q: Does the GMA 350 have a power on/off switch to prevent electrical surge damage during engine startup/shutdown?

You should have a breaker wired in series with the unit and your power source to prevent the unit from being damaged.

Q: Is the GMA 350c suitable for certified aircraft? - where can I find the approved model list?

No, we can only sell the Garmin GMA 350C for experimental aircraft installations.

Q: Is there any wiring required when replacing a GMA 340 or is it a direct slide in replacement?

Yes, you would need to replace all the wiring with the new audio panel.

Q: I currently have the old GMA350 which does not have bluetooth. Is the GMA350C plug and play with it predecessor ?

Per the manufacturer, yes, this is a direct replacement.

Q: Does this Garmin GMA 350C unit come with the tray?

A mounting rack is included per the parts list.

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