PS Engineering PMA7000B-BT Audio Panel With Marker Beacon Bluetooth - Unit Only

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Part# 11-13663
MFR Model# 050-781-0204


FAA TSO’d for Certified Aircraft. Slide-In replacement unit only. Rack and connector kit not included.

The PMA7000 series audio panel not only provides a great set of capabilities, it also lends itself nicely for upgrading an existing Bendix/King KMA24 audio panel. The PMA7000 series are KMA24 pin compatible, only the intercom harness has to be made, existing connector remains, thus reducing the amount of installation and cost of upgrading.

With our renown 6-place IntelliVox® automatic Voice Operated Relay (VOX) intercom system, adjusting a squelch circuit is a thing of the past. And with over 13 years of field experience, find out just how easy it is to forget you are even using an intercom, it just works! No more clipping or missed syllables.

The PMA7000B provide 3-com capability with the option to easily convert Com 3 to a full duplex cellular telephone interface. It also has our pioneered "Split Mode". This allows the pilot to be on Com 1 while the copilot is on Com 2, freeing up the pilot to work with ATC while the copilot gets weather information or finds out just where the lowest fuel cost is on the field while still in the air.

The only knob that is on the panel is a concentric volume control for the Crew and Passengers intercom volume. The all push button controls of the PMA7000B allows for easy selection of Coms and other Nav aids.

The PMA7000B has four un-switched and un-muted inputs. This adds flexibility when installed with today's advanced warning systems, like Skywatch or TAWS.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • IntelliVox® automatic VOX system with individually gated microphones
  • 6 - Place hi-fi stereo intercom with Soft Mute™
  • 2 - music mute modes: Mute On and Mute Off
  • Built-in Marker Beacon Receiver
  • Cellular telephone input with dedicated On/Off hook switches for unprecedented flexibility
  • Split mode for dual audio panel capability
  • 2 hi-fidelity stereo music source inputs
  • 3 - Isolation modes - Pilot Isolate, All, and Crew
  • 4 - unswitched inputs
  • Selectable music muting for passengers
  • Selectable special intercom mode with "Alternate Intercom Mode"
  • RAM (Radio Active Mute) eliminates constant back ground noise from radio static
  • 2-year Pro-Support Warranty
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Have been using this PS engineering Audio panel for about two years. I had a “few” questions and the factory support is Fantastic (you get to the “right” person immediately), all questions were answered and we have truly enjoyed the Audio panel since. Everyone in the airplane “gets it their way”, with their own music (without “bothering “ the previous generation ( or visa versa), everyone can make or receive phone calls (if their phone is Bluetooth capable). I would not hesitate to purchase any PS engineering product! (I don’t think you can do “better” , especially when it comes to product support! Lloyd Mason 217 737-5507

Lloyd M
May 22, 2023

This was one of those purchases that left me with everything I was hoping for and more! The Bluetooth works great and now I can hear ForeFlight in my ears and my co pilots ears as well.

Richard M Verified Purchase


May 18, 2022

Great panel, simply slide out the old KMA 28 and slide in the PMA7000BT. A&P, IA sign off and logbook entry and good to go. Great sound and Bluetooth is nice.

David W Verified Purchase


July 1, 2021

I replaced my aging PS 7000MS with the 7000B-BT. It took five minutes to swap out. It was like night and day on the sound. BT calling was flawless, along with music streaming. I should have done this 5 years ago...

Kevin F
March 31, 2019


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: What are the differences between the PMA7000B-BT and the PMA8000-BT?

If replacing a KMA 24 the PMA7000BT will save on install time. The functions available only on the PMA8000BT are as follows: a digital recorder, a monitor function, front panel music volume, front panel utility jack and an alternate intercom function. This function allows the passengers to be automatically muted when the radio is operating.

Q: Does the PS Engineering 7000BT audio panel have Bluetooth connectivity? Just to confirm that this audio panel has blue tooth connectivity as we would like to be able to use a cell phone over the audio panel as with the 8000BT.

Yes, the 7000B-BT does have Bluetooth capabilities for connecting wireless devices.

Q: Can this PS Engineering PMA 7000B be used in 12v aircraft?

Yes. This can be used within the range 11-33VDC.

Q: Is the PS Engineering 7000BT a direct replacement for the 6000M?

Per PS Engineering: The PMA7000BT is a direct slide-in replace to the PMA7000 series, PMA6000S, PMA6000M-S, PMA6000M-S-C, UPS-AT SL-15, and the KMA-28.

Q: Hello, is this a straight in replacement for the Apollo SL-15?

Per the manufacturer, yes this is a slide in replacement.

Q: Does PMA 7000B-BT have a playback recording capability? and can it fit in the same slot as my PS7000ms?

Per the manufacturer, it is a slide-in replacement for that audio panel. In regard to the playback, it does not offer that feature.

Q: Will the Pma 7000b replace a king kma 24 plug and play (will just slide in ) if not what unit will?

The pma7000b is pin compatible with the kma24 but not plug and play. The tray will have to be replaced. The pac24 is a plug and play replacement for the kma24-71 and the kma24-h. There are no p&p currently for any other model kma24.

Q: Will this unit be compatible with KMA26

Yes, the manual has a pin out cross reference for KMA26

The PMA7000 series are KMA26 pin compatible.

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