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Garmin GMA ™ 245 Panel Mount Audio Panel

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Part# 11-14308
MFR Model# 010-01318-03


Featuring Bluetooth wireless connectivity, 3D Audio processing, clearance playback and impressive audio mixing and distribution, the GMA 245 audio panel represents the most advanced audio control technology Garmin has ever introduced for experimental amateur-built (EAB) and light sport aircraft (LSA) cockpits. Upgrading from the popular GMA 240 and GMA 340 audio panels in experimental aircraft has never been easier; simply slide in and fly away with the most modern audio processing capabilities available.

Seamless Integration with G3X Touchbr> Designed by our dedicated “Team X” engineering group specifically for the experimental market, GMA 245 offers an impressive array of features previously available only on high-end audio systems. Yet, it’s priced to fit the budgets of most kitplane builders and sport pilots. It’s also the perfect complement to our G3X Touch™ electronic flight display systems, enabling pilots to use their choice of conventional knobs and buttons on the audio panel faceplate — or onscreen selection with the G3X Touch displays — to optimize their cockpit communications options.

The Benefits of Bluetoothbr> Built-in Bluetooth connectivity with GMA 245 enables pilots to connect the unit with their smartphones or other compatible devices, so they can make and receive calls in the cockpit as well as stream audio entertainment through their mobile devices to pilot, copilot and passenger headsets. When incoming calls are received, visual and aural cues are provided — with onscreen notifications available on G3X Touch to let pilots know who’s calling. Access to Bluetooth-enabled telephone or music inputs can easily be routed to up to 6 headset positions throughout the cabin. In addition, hard-wired sources, such as SiriusXM® satellite radio, DVD or CD players, can also be connected and distributed through GMA 245.

Awesome Audio Effectsbr> Think high-end music equalizer and exceptional “home theater” quality sound. That’s what the GMA 245 audio panel brings to inflight media and entertainment. The audio panel provides support for 2 dedicated stereo music inputs — plus additional Bluetooth wireless devices — which can be played through the headsets. Music features allow pilots to select enhanced bass boost levels as well as equalizer effects that include rock, classical and pop audio profiles.

Listen in Virtual 3-Dbr> Sophisticated 3D Audio processing in GMA 245 adjusts audio in the headset to approximate how the human ear normally hears and registers sounds in space. This makes it seem as though different audio sources are coming from different directions around you, making it easier to distinguish 1 source from another — and helping you focus on the higher-priority calls coming into your headset. For example, COMM 1 will seem like it’s coming from the left while COMM 2 will seem to be coming from the right.

Capture that Clearancebr> One of the most useful Garmin audio features ever invented, an automatic digital voice recorder on GMA 245 continuously captures the last 60 seconds of incoming active comm audio for instant playback on request. Any pilot who’s ever missed an ATC call, frequency assignment or clearance amendment will appreciate the value of this handy “say again” function.

Let's Talk Auto Squelchbr> As a further enhancement to the cockpit audio experience, advanced Auto Squelch technology automatically adapts GMA 245 to a quiet or noisy environment without clipping words or cutting out during conversation. A high-performance digital signal processor constantly monitors ambient noise level and automatically adjusts the mic squelch level required to keep intercom conversation as comfortable and natural as possible — whether you’re talking over engine noise in flight or quietly going through your engine pre-start checklist on the ground.

Some other audio panels are typically set to work best when the engine is operating and cockpit noise is at its highest, which, in turn, requires you to talk loudly on the ground prior to engine start for audio voice activation. GMA 245’s advanced Auto Squelch technology eliminates these inconsistencies, allowing you to speak at normal levels, no matter what the ambient sound conditions may be.

Capability in Spadesbr> At full capacity, the GMA 245 audio panel will support dual comm, dual nav and multiple aux receivers, totaling up to 7 radios in all. There’s a 6-place intercom with 3 modes of isolation. And a split-comm mode lets the pilot and copilot broadcast on independent frequencies. Large LED-illuminated buttons on the panel unit provide intuitive audio and mode selection. Push-to-talk indication is provided by a flashing LED on the face of the unit. Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth for the Garmin VIRB® XE action camera (sold separately) gives pilots the option to overlay intercom audio and ATC communications onto the HD video soundtrack.

A Superior Audio Experiencebr> Given such extensive audio control capabilities, GMA 245 clearly raises the industry standard for communications flexibility, hi-fi sound quality and wireless Bluetooth access in today’s ever-more-connected experimental/light sport cockpits. It’s the ultimate “nerve center” for pilots who want the absolute best from their inflight audio environment.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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I ordered this as part of an upgrade to a Garmin G3X system for my experimental. My plane has had a PS Engineering 8000B, and I expected to have to rewire everything for the GMA245. Much to my delight and surprise, the 245 is both tray and connector compatible, and it worked perfectly just sliding it into the old panels tray. Only had to add two CAN bus wires to the existing wiring to make it part of the G3X architecture. Nice job, Garmin!

Daniel M Verified Purchase


February 23, 2024

This is an awesome unit. replaced my GMA345 with this and absolutely love the Bluetooth and playback option. Audio clarity is amazing and the auto squelch is a much needed bonus for loud single engine prop planes.

December 3, 2023

Sergey N Verified Purchase


June 2, 2023

Magaero L Verified Purchase


December 15, 2022

Magaero L Verified Purchase


December 15, 2022

Magaero L Verified Purchase


December 15, 2022

Magaero L Verified Purchase


May 30, 2022

Magaero L Verified Purchase


April 14, 2022

Removed the old GMA 340 and slid in the new GMA 245. Powered up the avionics and everything worked like a charm. Sound was clear and the panel button lights are easier to see over the 340. When Garmin says this is a direct replacement for the 340, they werent kidding.

Ralph G
February 22, 2020

This audio panel is awesome. Tons of features. Lots of inputs available and the automatic muting capability of music when intercom is used or when radio transmission received works very well. Instant mute and then music volume slowly ramps back up. Its going to be a joy to use.

October 7, 2019


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: Is this Garmin GMA 245 audio panel FAA TSO approved?

No, this audio panel is not TSO approved. It is intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: As a stand-alone audio panel (replacing my GMA 340), will I be able to connect my iPhone by Bluetooth to play music and use the phone call feature? Is installation as simple as removing my GMA 340 and installing the GMA 245 into the existing rack?

Yes, you can make phone calls and play music via Bluetooth on the GMA 245. If you have an existing GMA 340 installation, then you would just have to remove the old 340 and slide in the 245.

Q: Looking at the picture of this Garmin GMA 245 audio panel, it looks like the outer knob is for music volume. Where do you adjust the intercom squelch?

The GMA 245 has auto squelch and the outer knob controls music volume.

Q: What's the difference between the GMA 245 audio panel and the GMA 345?

The GMA 245 is for experimental aircraft only, while the GMA 345 is a TSO'd audio panel.

Q: Can I replace my GMA 240 with this GMA 245 as a slide in, without any modification?

Per the manufacturer: The GMA 245 Offers instant upgrade as a slide-in replacement for existing GMA 240 and GMA 340 equipped experimental aircraft.

Q: Does the GMA 245 come with the tray and connector kit?

Yes, this will include those items.

Q: Will Dynon Skyview interact with this Garmin GMA 245 audio panel?

Yes, this will interface with that system.

Q: Do you make 4 or custom harnesses for this item in the way you do for other Garmin components?

Yes, we can supply a custom harness for this audio panel. Please contact avionics sales at 800-826-3160 for price and lead time.

Q: Will the Garmin GMA 245 allow 2 radios from Flightcom? I want to design an insrument panel for instrument flying.

Yes, the GMA 245 has the capability to receive audio from two different COM radios.

Q: Does this audio panel have build in intercom function or is a separate intercom required?

Per manufacturer, there's a 6 place intercom with three modes of isolation.

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