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Part# 11-14308
MFR Model# 010-01318-01


Combines Bluetooth® Wireless Music, Phone, 3D Audio and More

GMA 245 and GMA 245R, all-digital, Bluetooth audio panels designed for experimental amateur-built (EAB) and light sport aircraft (LSA). The GMA 245 is a panel-mount audio panel with a rich set of convenient and simple-to-use controls, designed to interface with the G3X Touch™ flight display. These Bluetooth-enabled audio panels boast superior sound quality and an impressive list of additional features such as industry-leading auto squelch, music bass boost, advanced equalizer settings, 3D Audio processing, wireless integration with the VIRB® XE action camera and more. When interfaced to the G3X Touch flight display, both audio panels introduce more capabilities that allow for convenient wireless communication and offer advanced integration potential that provides pilots with an exclusive in-flight experience.

G3X Touch Meets Bluetooth Wireless Audio
Wireless communication further expands the utility of G3X Touch by allowing pilots the capability to connect a smartphone or tablet to the GMA 245/245R to easily make or receive phone calls and stream audio entertainment via Bluetooth. Incoming phone calls are annunciated by both visual and aural cues so pilots can easily make, receive or complete phone calls without significantly diverting their attention from their flight displays. The remote-mounted GMA 245R merges seamlessly with G3X Touch for a sleek installation. For pilots who wish to integrate a dedicated audio panel alongside a G3X Touch flight display, the panel-mount GMA 245 incorporates dedicated music and intercom volume control knobs, a backlit keypad and more.

Innovative Audio Feature Set
Music effects add to the rich audio characteristics provided by the GMA 245 and GMA 245R audio panels, allowing pilots to select bass boost levels as well as equalizer effects, including rock, classical and pop. Advanced auto squelch automatically adapts to the volume level within the cockpit and allows for natural conversation at all ambient noise levels. Expanding upon the exceptional quality and G3X Touch integration of the existing GTR 20/GTR 200 series radio/intercoms, the GMA 245/245R includes a 6-place stereo intercom and support for up to 3 stereo music inputs. Additionally, a built-in digital clearance recorder can record up to 60 seconds of selected COMM radio transmissions, so pilots can play back difficult clearances.

Garmin was the first to introduce 3D Audio technology to general aviation, and now the GMA 245/245R includes this capability, which mimics how pilots hear and process multiple audio sources. With stereo headsets, incoming audio is spatially separated to reflect how people process sound and conversation by differentiating audio sources and their unique locations or seat positions. For example, sound from COMM 1 will come from the left, whereas sound from COMM 2 will sound as though it’s coming from the right.

VIRB® XE Integration
Bluetooth connectivity offered by the GMA 245/245R is further extended to integrate with the Garmin VIRB® XE HD action camera. In place of a VIRB XE headset cable, the GMA 245/245R and VIRB XE connect wirelessly to allow pilots the option to overlay intercom audio and air traffic control communications while capturing high-definition video. With the GMA 245/245R, pilots are offered the option of remotely mounting VIRB XE within Bluetooth range to capture HD video at the perfect angle, without concern of the camera being in reach of a headset cable.

Contributing to an easy and convenient upgrade path, the GMA 245/245R is rack and pin-compatible* with the GMA 240, GMA 340 and third-party audio panels for experimental aircraft. For pilots seeking a standalone or remote-mount solution, the GMA 245/245R offers seamless integration with G3X Touch™.
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Works great! Slid right into where my old GMA340 was and works like a charm!

Mike R
November 2, 2019

This audio panel is awesome. Tons of features. Lots of inputs available and the automatic muting capability of music when intercom is used or when radio transmission received works very well. Instant mute and then music volume slowly ramps back up. Its going to be a joy to use.

October 7, 2019

Received my audio panel very quickly. Very good upgrade for me! The music is very clear, the clearance playback is simple to use, and having a USB charging port for cross country trips is going to come in handy.

Michael R
May 8, 2017


Q: Is this Garmin GMA 245 audio panel FAA TSO approved?

No, this audio panel is not TSO approved. It is intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: As a stand-alone audio panel (replacing my GMA 340), will I be able to connect my iPhone by Bluetooth to play music and use the phone call feature? Is installation as simple as removing my GMA 340 and installing the GMA 245 into the existing rack?

Yes, you can make phone calls and play music via Bluetooth on the GMA 245. If you have an existing GMA 340 installation, then you would just have to remove the old 340 and slide in the 245.

Q: Looking at the picture of this Garmin GMA 245 audio panel, it looks like the outer knob is for music volume. Where do you adjust the intercom squelch?

The GMA 245 has auto squelch and the outer knob controls music volume.

Q: What's the difference between the GMA 245 audio panel and the GMA 345?

The GMA 245 is for experimental aircraft only, while the GMA 345 is a TSO'd audio panel.

Q: Can I replace my GMA 240 with this GMA 245 as a slide in, without any modification?

Per the manufacturer: The GMA 245 Offers instant upgrade as a slide-in replacement for existing GMA 240 and GMA 340 equipped experimental aircraft.

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