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Garmin Gae 12 Altitude Encoder For GTX335 / 345 / GNX 375

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Part# 11-14162
MFR Model# 011-03080-00


Conveniently mounts to the transponder back plate for easy installation and service, precluding the need for a static leak check after removal of the transponder for maintenance.

The altitude encoder is configured using either the configuration interface on the display units or via the PC based install tool.

Compatible with all GTX 335 / 345 / GNX 375 models.

1/8-27 ANPT Male fitting is required for installation.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Jay L Verified Purchase


June 11, 2022

Jinwook, L Verified Purchase


March 8, 2022

- Least expensive Blind Encoder I found. - If you are installing a new transponder, how old is your existing encoder? How long will it last? - The fact that this simply attaches to the back of your new unit, there is almost zero install charge. - If you pay your avionics guy to WIRE your new transponder to your old encoder, that cost will equal or exceed the cost of this unit. So, really, this unit is free!

Matt B
September 5, 2020

This item should have including a minimum of 4 connector pins for installation.

January 25, 2018

Cant find this anpt male adaptor anywhere. What a bunch of crap for such an expensive item Delay for days for a 50 cents item.

Paul R
May 15, 2019


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Q: According to a Garmin rep, the Garmin altitude encoder (your part #11-14162) can be used with the GTX-335. Your website info says the encoder can only be used with the 335R which I assume means the remote transponder. Please clarify..

The Garmin altitude encoder, part # 11-14162, is compatible with all GTX 335/345 models. We are updating the web notes accordingly.

Q: Will the Garmin Altitude encoder work with any manufacturers transponder or is it Garmin specific?

Garmin only. The Garmin altitude encoder, part # 11-14162, only works with the new Garmin GTX 335/345 model transponders.

Q: Does this encoder take its power from the GTX transponder or does it require its own power connection and circuit breaker?

Per Garmin, no additional power/ground wiring is required for this item. It receives its power from the transponder.

Q: will this new encoder 11-14162 work with a GTX-327 transponder?

No, this encoder works only with the Garmin 335 / 345 transponders.

Q: Does the Garmin altitude encoder come with the static line adapter as pictured in blue?

No, it is not included with the encoder module.

Q: Does the Garmin GAE 12 altitude encoder for the GTX 335/345 come with the wire harness?

This comes with an interface module that ties in with the GTX 3x5 connector. It does not require a full harness like older encoders.

Q: Do you stock the static line adapters which fit this Garmin GAE 12 unit? If so what are the part numbers?

This item accepts a 1/8-27 ANPT Male fitting. The specific part number will be dependent upon the type of tubing used.

Q: Will this Encoder work with a Garmin GTX33ES (PN 011-00779-30) Transponder?

No, this is only for the GTX 335/345.

Q: Does the GAE 12 have TSO approval?

The GAE 12 does not have a TSO of its own as it is part of the TSO for the GTX transponders.

Q: Does the Garmin GAE 12 comes with the Screws for the installation?

Yes, it comes with the screws and wire harness adapter.

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