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The Garmin GTR 200B Bluetooth comm radio and intercom is designed specifically for experimental and amateur-built aircraft. The GTR 200B has a bright, sunlight readable display and an intuitive interface that features built-in shortcuts and configurable softkeys. Pilots can configure the softkeys to provide one-touch access to emergency frequency tuning, pilot audio isolation, saved frequencies list, music mute and more. Home theater-like music effects add to the innovative sound quality provided by the GTR 200B, allowing pilots to select bass boost levels, as well as equalizer effects, including rock, classical and pop. Optionally, pilots can also install switches on the flight controls to perform common functions like swapping a frequency from standby to active without moving their hands from the controls. The GTR 200B also saves the 20 most recent frequencies used and conveniently stores up to 20 pilot-selectable frequencies.

The Bluetooth-enabled GTR 200B combines state-of-the-art features from a comm radio and two-seat intercom to reduce pilot workload. Bluetooth connectivity adds more functionality to the cockpit, giving pilots the option to wirelessly connect a smartphone or tablet to the GTR 200B. Pilots can easily make phone calls and listen to audio entertainment, or call Flight Service to obtain a take-off clearance at an uncontrolled airport – all through the radio. The GTR 200B also incorporates 3D Audio processing to provide an exclusive in-flight experience. With stereo headsets, incoming audio is spatially separated to reflect how people process sound and conversation by differentiating audio sources and their unique locations or seat positions within the aircraft.

Advanced integration with G3X Touch sets the GTR 200B apart from other radios on the market. For example, the GTR 200B can receive a frequency in the comm directly from the G3X Touch flight display or a compatible Garmin portable. The airport identifier and frequency type are also displayed alongside the frequency. For example, “KOSH TWR” is displayed below the Oshkosh tower frequency so it’s easier to confirm the correct frequency is in the active or standby positions.

The GTR 200B boasts a slim design (1.35-inches tall) so it can easily adapt to a variety of aircraft panels. The powerful 10-Watt comm also supports 14 and 28-volt aircraft and offers 25 kHz channel spacing.
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Purchased 1 year ago for my RV7 to replace a bad ICON radio. This radio has been flawless! I run low alt with flight following and have no problems with power. The Bluetooth works great. The simo casting works great. Worth the extra money to be able to communicate.

December 15, 2020

Unit arrived with Zero installation and wiring instructions, the cables do have tiny labeling on the insulation for those that dont ware glasses.

Luke G Verified Purchase


August 17, 2021

I ordered the Garmin 200 with Bluetooth because I thought it would be worth the few extra dollars to have the bluetooth and music inputs in addition to the standard features of the 200. HOWEVER, once I was done installing the unit and configuring it, I had to disable the internal intercom for it to work. This is because I have a PM 1000 II 4 place intercom in my plane. In other words, this 200B comm radio is ONLY good in a 2 place airplane as a stand alone unit with NO additional audio panel. This is probably fine if you know this before purchasing it. The radio works beautifully and takes frequency inputs from my Garmin 796 flawlessly. The airspace name seems to dovetail with the airspace I am in - in other words if I am in Shoshone County S83 airspace (freq. 122.8), the comm shows S83 even though Coeur dalene KCOE (freq. 122.8 also) is only 40 miles away. Just disappointed about the Bluetooth. I believe the description should be changed to read Garmin Gtr 200b Com Radio With Bluetooth For 2 Place Experimental Aircraft.

Don M
November 5, 2020


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: What is the depth dimension of the Garmin GTR 200B radio case? Including connectors?

Per the installation manual, the depth to the end of the connectors is 9.73 inches.

Q: Does this GTR 200B have the same current draw as the gtr200?

Per the manufacturer they are the same radio. but the GTR200B has bluetooth capability. They will have the same current draw.

Q: Will this radio blue tooth to an Aera 796 or is it hard wired? Also, does it come with a rack and mounting hardware.

No, the GTR 200 will need to be hard wired using a Bare wire connector. included in the box is the install rack,and connector kit /backplate

Q: Does this Garmin GTR 200B radio have auto-mute for the stereo if a call comes in over the comm?

COM MUTE (ON/OFF) - When ON, music will be muted when Communication is received. Pilot's Guide Rev H/ Page 14.

Q: Does the GTR 200B have a built in intercom?

Yes, it has a two place intercom.

Q: Does the Garmin GTR 200 B radio have 60 second recall of last Transmission?

This does not have that capability.

Q: Can the GTR 200B be wired for 4 place intercom?

No, the built in intercom only allows for a 2 place setup. You will need a panel mount intercom or audio panel to accomplish a 4 place.

Q: Does this Garmin GTR 200B radio monitor 2 frequencies at the same time?

Yes, this radio is capable of monitoring the standby frequency.

Q: Does this Garmin GTR 200B unit only (Part# 11-17116) come with a wiring harness?

It does not come with a harness but the connector kit is included. On the web page the unit with harness can be selected in which case we will provide the harness for you.

Q: Can the GTR 200B be installed in a certified airplane? does it meet the TSO requirements even though it is not TSOd?

We cannot sell this GTR 200B for certified installation. For certified installation, please see the certified Garmin installer that will be doing the work.

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