Garmin GDL 39 / 50 / 51 / 52 Power / Data Cable For G3X (Bare Wires)

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Part# 11-10735
MFR Model# 010-11686-40


This replacement cable has bare wires at the end so you can hard wire your Garmin G3X or portable directly to a GDL 39 / 50 / 51 / 52 and DC power source. This connection allows you to send NMEA data as well as the GDL 39s ADS-B info over the cable.


Honestly This is the worst Garmin product I have ever had to buy. I have had to replace about 7 of them over the last 3 years. I use them for my GDL 52 that I move between 3 aircraft. The plug breaks and falls apart. I own $100,000 in Garmin equipment G1000H, autopilot, radios, Transponders, traffic systems, all of the portables since the 195! Garmin knows they are junk but we are stuck. Thank you for stocking them Aircraft Spruce. I buy two at a time Not your Fault

Valley A Verified Purchase


July 26, 2022

What can you say about a cable? I used it to wire a serial connection into my Garmin G3X and provide power to the GDL 39. Worked perfectly, nice quality.

Jack L
July 13, 2020

Great addition to the airplane.

October 15, 2019

Works as expected for providing ships power to the GDL-39 BUT you will also need Garmin Part Number 010-11206-15 to supply ships power to your GPSMAP 695/696. I bought this cable thinking it would supply power to both units and was disappointed to find that I would need yet another expensive cable to supply power to both units. Functional, but overpriced.

Tracy N
August 5, 2015


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Q: Do you have a wiring diagram or a link for the Garmin GDL 39 data cable?

On our GDL 39 page, there is a PDF manual in the documents tab. On page 3-5, it has the wiring information for the data cable.

Q: How long is the GDL 39 Power/data cable, Part # 11-10735?

This power data cable is approximately 63 inches long.

Q: Does this cable also work with the GDL-39 3D or is it only compatible with the standard GDL 39?

This cable is compatible with both the original GDL 39 and the newer GDL 39 3D.

Q: How long is the GARMIN GDL 39 POWER / DATA CABLE FOR G3X (BARE WIRES) cable?

Approx 65 inches from connector to end of bare wires.

Q: Will this cable also work with the GDL 51? To allow it to plug into ships power and also transfer data

Yes, this can also be used with the Garmin GDL 50 / 51 / 52 series receivers.

Q: Can this cable be used to send ADS-B data to the GDL 51 so that the ADS-B data is then sent by bluetooth to an iPad?

The GDL 51 does not display ADS-B. This cable will not accomplish what is being asked. You will need a unit capable of producing the ADS-B in signal, such as the GDL50 or the GDL 52.

Q: I just need to connect power to a GDL 50 (no data). Can I buy just the connector that plugs into the GDL 50?

No, the manufacturer does not supply the connector on its own.

Q: This cable work with the GDL 50 DATA/POWER?

Yes, this will work with the GDL 50. The connection is the same.

Q: Will this Power Data Cable work for the GDL-50R?

Yes, this works for the remote version of the GDL 50.

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