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The first premium wireless aviation headset, Tango blends outstanding noise cancelation, renowned Lightspeed comfort, and wireless convenience. With no cables to get in the way and critical controls — including volume and ComPriority™ — located on the headset, Tango creates an entirely new level of flying enjoyment and untethered freedom

Lightspeed Link™ technology
At the heart of Tango is Lightspeed Link. Developed by Lightspeed engineers to ensure the reliable communication pilots demand, Lightspeed Link is not Bluetooth or WiFi, but incorporates existing technologies chosen for both signal reliability and audio quality for the aviation environment. The Lightspeed Link connection is so robust, as many as six Tango headsets can be operated in the same aircraft, letting everyone onboard experience the true freedom of wireless flight.

Panel interface
The panel interface is the vital hub of the Lightspeed Link system, routing communication between the headset, the intercom, and auxiliary devices. Wrapped in an attractive and durable case, it houses the lower cable, which is adjustable to 31 inches. Weighing just under 9 ounces and with multiple mounting points, no upper cables, and critical controls located on the headset, the panel interface can be mounted conveniently and securely in any aircraft.

21st century power
In yet another Lightspeed first, Tango is the first aviation headset powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, a power source trusted in countless critical applications. Lightspeed's rechargeable lithium ion batteries deliver twelve hours of continuous operation while offering earth and wallet friendly reusability in a compact size. The Tango dual-port wall charger can quickly charge both the headset and panel interface batteries at the same time, providing 75% charge in less than an hour and a full charge in two hours. The batteries can also be charged while the headset is in use or easily replaced on the go. The battery for the headset and panel interface are interchangeable, and spare batteries can be purchased separately.

Built-in redundancy
The panel interface also stores the backup cable, instantly available for uninterrupted communication, in the event the batteries become depleted.

Outstanding quiet

Tango delivers the advanced noise cancellation you expect from Lightspeed.

Remarkable comfort

Tango features plush ear seals with large openings and nearly 10 square inches of surface area for a better seal and greater distribution of side pressure.

FlightLink compatible
Capture and retrieve incoming and outgoing communications with Lightspeed's free FlightLink recording app for the Apple® iPad® and iPhone® via the supplied patch cable.

Choice of auxiliary inputs

Enjoy excellent call clarity, music fidelity, and access to critical alerts from aviation apps on mobile devices using either the supplied patch cable or Bluetooth®.


Never miss important radio communications with patented ComPriority, which lowers the volume of any auxiliary device automatically during radio or intercom transmissions.

Auto Shutoff™

Lightspeed's proprietary Auto Shutoff feature saves battery life by automatically shutting down the headset and Panel Interface power when not in use.

Countries / Models List

Depending on the regulations in your country, you will require either the US/CAN versions of Tango or the EURO/AUS versions. To determine which version is right for your country, check the list below. For countries not listed, please order the US/CAN versions of Tango.

Europe / South Africa Americas / Australia 
Austria US
Belgium Brazil
Bulgaria Canada
Cyprus Chile
Croatia Guatemala 
Czech Republic Mexico
Denmark Australia
New Zealand  
South Africa  
United Kingdom 



Battery power supply: 3.7V rechargeable lithium ion battery


Headset Weight (with battery): 18 oz.




Transducer: 40mm moving coil


Frequency response: 20 Hz–20 kHz


Nominal impedance when wired with backup cable at 1 kHz:
Mono: 180 ohms
Stereo: 250 ohms




Transducer principle: Noise-canceling electret


Frequency response: 200 Hz–6000 Hz


Maximum SPL: 114 dB


Terminating impedance: 220–2200 ohms


Operating voltage: 8V–16V DC




Maximum SPL: Greater than 120 dB at 100 Hz


Bluetooth Enabled Phone




Bluetooth Audio (A2DP)




Whether you're a flight instructor making flying safer and enriching the experience of new pilots or a professional pilot helping corporations and nonprofits achieve their missions, we want to reward you for the hours you spend in the air and the care and skills you exercise in your profession. That's why we are offering a special rebate of $100 when you purchase a Zulu 3 or Tango®. We know you will be delighted with your purchase and hope you will pass on your appreciation for Lightspeed products.
Step 1: Purchase the Lightspeed headset that meets your needs and your budget from any authorized dealer:

Zulu 3 ANR Headset

The most comfortable, most durable headset Lightspeed has ever made.

$850 - $100 
$750 after rebate

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Tango Wireless ANR Headset

Tango blends outstanding noise cancellation, renowned Lightspeed comfort, and wireless convenience.

$800 - $100 
= $700 after rebate

Learn more...

2: Submit the CFI or Pro Pilot Appreciation Application package by clicking here.

3: Receive your rebate check in less than four weeks.

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Lightweight and easy to use. Plus no more catching my shoulder on the cord going up. I found the setup easy and straightforward.

Stuart S
June 15, 2016

Unfortunately I am not totally satisfied with Lightspeeds TANGO Headphones. I recently purchased 2 phones and noticed that they have an annoying background noise level as soon as we turn on the phone, I received the device missing 1 power cord in both box. In addition to that, they are very very large, both parts, in my opinion they should have used the Zulu instead of Sierra plataform and the control device is also too big, I imagine wont be able to fit the 4 controls inside of the SR22 center console. I also signed up for Rebate as a Professional Pilot and I didnt even get a return email tell me its ok or not ok... Sorry American Industry, but I will invest more money and buy the Bose A20 next time...

William C
October 28, 2019


Q: Regarding the Lightspeed Tango Wireless ANR Headset: Does the 6-pin Lemo version of the Tango still require a rechargeable lithium battery in both the connector box and headset? Or does the Lemo version connector box use aircraft power the way other Lemo headsets power the ANR?

No, the Lemo version does not require a battery in the panel interface. Only the headset will require a battery.

Q: Will the Lightspeed Tango headset allow the use of the Lemo to GA adapter?

Yes, please see part number 11-03570 for the adapter.

Q: Do you have the 6 pin Lemo plug and harness suitable for this to install in the aircraft?

Yes, you can use the Bose Lemo panel install kit, part # 11-01846, to install the plug for this headset.

Q: Is the Lightspeed Tango available for Dual GA plug connection?

Yes, it is. For the Dual GA plug version, see Part# 11-14066.

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