The Wichita 4: Cessna Moellendick Beech & Stearman

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Part# 13-00631
MFR Model# 407


New perspective into Clyde Cessna, Walter Beech and Lloyd Stearman. Includes activities of J.M. "Jake" Moellendick, the "Father" of aviation in Wichita. These intrepid entrepreneurs, self-taught in their respective skills, developed an industry in the design and production of airplanes. From humble, primitive beginnings they built empires while establishing ground rules governing the operations of that industry, to include production methods, standards and engineering practices.

Their actions brought recognition to Wichita, Kansas, as "The Air Capital of the World." But rifts between them brought separation, as they went their separate ways to build that fledgling industry into the giant it became.
The Wichita 4 provides a look at the factors leading these pioneers into their chosen career endeavors, what attracted them to flying and then brought them together to mutual friendship and affiliation in pioneering airplane business ventures and finally to separate paths leading to their own outstanding individual successes. 160 pages, 280 photos, paperback.



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