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From $34.75 to $299.50
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Poly-Fiber SuperFil 1 Qt Kit
(20oz. Resin / 12oz. Hardener)
09-28250 $34.75 Add to cart for current price
Poly-Fiber SuperFil 3 Gallon Kit
(2gal. Resin / 1gal. Hardener)
09-28260 $299.50 Add to cart for current price
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Bondo for airplanes! Superfil is an ultra-lightweight epoxy filler for rough fill and contouring. Comes in two containers. Mix, apply with a squeegee, and let dry overnight. More consistent than hand-mixed micros. Weighs only 3.8 lbs. per gallon.

1 Quart Kit (12 oz. Hardener + 20 oz. Resin)
3 Gallon Kit (1 gal. Hardener + 2 gal. Resin




Used this to simulate the windshield gasket on a Stinson SR-9. Works very well and very easy to sand. Should be great on fillets. Much easier to sand and manipulate than epoxy and micro balloons. A bit hard to measure out, so using a scale would be the best way to do that. Would be nice for modelers if it were sold in smaller portions.

Bruce C
October 14, 2019

A great product and very good service.

Edward F
August 16, 2019

great, easy to use product

Gerry B
August 16, 2019

Product worked just as described.

April 20, 2019

Repeat customer on this product as it does a great job.

Stephen T
March 8, 2019

hard to mold put when it sets overnight it is hard as a rock and seems to stick well. The best thing is that when you wes sand it ,it smoothen out great and fills well and ready for primer and paint. just wish it would set up a bit quicker.

Arlyn (
November 8, 2018

Poly-SuperFil sure is one good product . I use it for model airplane fillets and more. Also on woodwork, as I do general painting as my work. This stuff I tried on concrete some time ago still holding firm,sands ok also.Again, good stuff.

Eldon R
September 5, 2018

Works well with styrofoam, sands to a nice feathered edge.

May 23, 2018

Lightweight product that is easy to work with, has a slow drying time and very smooth sanding qualities. Used it to make repairs to my Stinson to fair out where hard points and fabric meet and crack over time.

Bob C
December 16, 2017

Excellent fill and sand ability properties.

October 9, 2017


Q: Can you either direct me to, or provide the MSDS for this product please? Cheers, Bruce

We have added the MSDS sheet to the "Documents" tab of this web page. Please review it there.

Q: Does Super-Fil (09-28250) work well on aluminum?

Yes. It is an epoxy base filler and adheres very well to aluminum, wood, and composites.

Q: Will Superfil crack or shrink over long time? Also, what is max depth of fill?

Superfil is an epoxy base material and will not shrink or crack over time like polyester base fillers. The manufacturer does not list a max depth.

Q: Does the filler require a chemical and / or mechanical bond?

This is an epoxy base filler and adheres to many surfaces, but a slightly abraded surface is recommended for the best bond.

Q: You mentioned an abraded surface. I have a well bonded paint, is it necessary to remove the paint and abrade the aluminum or will roughing up the paint surface be sufficient?

No, it is not necessary to remove the paint. Just be aware the Super-Fil will stick to the paint, so if the paint chips off the structure, so will the Super-Fil on it.

Q: Does SuperFil work well on sheet metal?

Yes, It will work on clean metal.

Per Vendor: It can be used as filler on metal, sure, but it should be primed over to seal it.

Q: Can Super Fil be used as a structural adhesive (like regular epoxy) to bond two pieces together?

It is not normally used as an adhesive, so we have no data as to how well it will work.

Q: What is the shelf life for 09-28250 SuperFil Part A & B?

This material has a 2 year shelf life in an un-opened container.

Q: When using in locations which will ultimately be epoxy varnished and fabric covered, should the filler go over or under the varnish?

It should go underneath the varnish. The varnish should seal the superfil.

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