Plane Perfect Eyes Outside - Plastic Cleaner And Polish

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16 Oz. 1 Gallon
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Eyes Outside is a revolutionary plastic cleaner and polish that has multiple uses. After watching pilots use other decades-old formulations we realized that we could do better. The soft plastics used on aircraft, motorcycles and boats are some of the most critical pieces and should be worshiped, not just wiped down. Eyes Outside is safe to use with plastics (including plexiglass, acrylic, acrylite, lucite and lexan), glass, or hard shiny surfaces (including COVID barriers). Its anti-static, fingerprint resistant and polishing properties are great for LCD screens, radio displays, glass cockpits, GPS, instrument gauges, convertible top windows, tinted windows, eye glasses, stainless steel (like your fridge), panel covers, yokes, motorcycle helmets, visors, ski goggles, dash clusters, cup holders, door pockets or any sensitive hard shiny surface (even grand pianos)!

Eyes Outside will not only clean and polish the surface, it also protects from damage caused by aggressive wiping and repetitive cleaning. Eyes Outside is great for any marine/boat, motorcycle, car or aviation application.

Directions: For best results and to avoid scratching, use a Plane Perfect Max Loop Glass microfiber Towel. Apply Eyes Outside liberally to the surface to be cleaned. Allow time for bugs to rehydrate. Wipe with clean towel in a single motion. Turn over towel to expose a clean section and once again use a single motion to dry to a high shine. For a heavy coating of bugs (or that one giant bug that swooped down into the center of your windshield on short final) repeat application on stubborn areas and allow more time for rehydration. For optimum results, do not allow Eyes Outside to dry on surface.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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