Lonestar The Eliminator

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Part# 11-08055
MFR Model# 122253-10A


The Eliminator is a low pass double (LC) PI type filter designed to suppress both low and high frequency line noise. The filter may be connected at the source of the noise or on the input of the effected component.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Darwyn S Verified Purchase


August 22, 2023

I installed it but it didnt resolve my noise issue. I dont believe its a product issue. I have more troubleshooting to do.

Matthew K Verified Purchase


September 2, 2022

I have a MGL V6 radio that would lock up, and not receive or transmit after the engine (Jabiru 3300) was started. The Jabiru uses non-restor spark plugs, which im told create noise. The eliminator solved the issue completely.

Jeff B
February 3, 2019

I had this installed and wired to the radio. It was picking up my electric fuel pump and LED Nav lights. Now it transmits clear no mater what electronics I have running.

Joe F
December 26, 2018

After I got the avionics fan quiet, the next whirring noise that was audible in the headsets was from my electric/vacuum Brittain Wing Leveler Turn Coordinator. As it appeared that my PS Engineering audio panel picked up the noise, I first installed the Lone Star filter on the power side of the audio panel just as an experiment. Installed there however, it did not soak up the whirring noise. I then, as with the avionics fan, installed the filter at the turn coordinator end of the wiring and the whirring noise disappeared.

Bruce B
November 23, 2017

My avionics fan makes a whirring noise that one can hear all the time in the headsets. I guess the audio panel picks it up. I installed the filter at the fan end of the wiring and the whirring noise disappeared. I have ordered a second filter as my tail strobe also makes a noise in the headsets - basically was covered up by the avionics fan whirring, but once the avionics fan noise was quieted, then the tail strobe became the next noise to be concerned with. I however wonder if this may be a trend as such, I will try the filter first on the power side of the audio panel just as an experiment.

Bruce B
July 11, 2017

I fly a WWII TBM Avenger and the radios noise made the comms unintelligable! The Eliminator did the trick! Best $150 we spent !

Thomas M
June 30, 2017

Upgraded generator to Plane Power alternator kit on Cont O-200. The alternator had a whine that was almost unbearable in my headsets. After installing this filter there is zero whine at all. As a bonus, it blocked out the Chinese torture strobe fire noise too! The power wire to my radio now runs through this filter. Note: I didnt power my Garmin 696 through this filter, so If I connect the sound from the 696 to the intercom system I get the noise again. Will be changing the power wiring for the 696 soon to fix this problem. I cant believe I went so long without a filter. Certainly pleased with this product.

Dustin D
January 6, 2017

works just like its advertised,got rid of my multiple electrical motor whines,dont know if it will help alternator problems as I installed the alt whine remover first,am now whine/noise free....

Edward S
November 11, 2016


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Q: I have a similar filter mounted on my firewall and it has only one connection post, but it looks the same otherwise. Can I mount this Lonestar Eliminator and use only one of the posts?

We have added the installation document to the web page. Please review it there to determine if you can make it work in your application.

Q: I had a Whelen strobe installed, and now I have noise in my headset when it fires. The noise is very faint when the intercom is off, but very loud with it on. Should this be installed in the wiring to the strobe, or the radio, or the intercom? Thanks!

Install the eliminator on the power line to the strobe. If multiple noise problems then install on the power line to the intercom.

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