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Start Pac® Model Li3326QC Set includes the model LI2700QC Twin Pac Starting and the model 53050 Power Supply.

Model LI2700QC Twin Pac Starting
  • This powerful Lithium aircraft starter unit is a full 28VDC battery Twin Pac and will provide superior starts on all electrically-started turbine engines. Versatile and highly portable, this Twin Pac can be used as a single unit or separated into two complete Lithium units that can easily be carried on board two different aircraft. The Lithium twin pack has redundant chargers with a total of 14 amps output and a recharge time of approximately four hours.
Model 53050 Power Supply
  • When plugged into 110/220 Volt single phase AC power, PAC® Model 53050 is a 28.5 Volt continuous DC portable power supply . Continually delivering full 50 / 105 / 200 / 300 / 400 amp DC output, this unit does not, however, provide enough current for starting an aircraft engine or mining equipment. Instead, it has been designed to power up various systems, such as programming GPS and avionics. The PAC® Model 53050 is also an excellent choice for powering aircraft maintenance equipment.


  • The engineers at START PAC specifically designed the Li2700QC as an airplane starting unit for aircraft with voltage protection relays that are set lower than most aircraft, meaning that they cannot accept more than 29.5 volts from an external starting source. These aircraft include but are not limited to the Agusta Westland AW139, Sikorsky S-76, Eclipse 500 and both the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300.
  • This unit is designed for engine starting only.
    • Not to be used as an aircraft battery charger.
    • Do not charge in flight.
  • Over current protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Forced air-cooling
  • Wt. 10 lbs./4.5 kg complete weight with aircraft cable


  • Starting Unit Model Reference: Li2700QC Twin Pac
  • Battery type: Safe lithium-Ion
  • Voltage: 28 VDC
  • Peak Current: 2400 A
  • Capacity @10 Amp Rate: 62 Ah
  • Total Weight: 113lbs / 51kg
  • Dimensions - Length x Width x Height: 52 IN x 23 IN x 23.5 IN 132 x 58 x 60 cm
  • Charger type: Built in
  • Float type charger input (must be specified on order): 90-240 VAC 50/60 hertz
  • Approximate charging time when fully depleated (Hours): 4


  • The all new START PAC® Model Li2700 QC Twin Pac utilizes the latest technology in Lithium batteries; these batteries provide the same power as the lead-acid type, but are 42% lighter and 32% smaller. In addition, lithium batteries have two other major advantages:
    • Twice the battery life of lead-acid batteries
    • No sulfation problems (can be left in a discharged state without causing damage)

In The Box

NOTE: When storing the START PAC® for more than 30 days, remove the battery box from the charging unit and keep separately.

PLEASE NOTE: Lithium ion batteries can be damaged by deep discharges. Do not run the batteries down below 24 volts, although a spike during a start is okay. Voltages below 24 begin to damage the batteries. At 20 volts, the batteries will be damaged beyond repair.
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