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AM365 (Single) Fits oil filter diameters from 3.6 in. (91mm) to 4.2 in. (107mm). For most Continental and Lycoming engines with at least a 3.625 in. diameter oil filter
AM300 (Single) Fits oil filter diameters from 2.9 in. (74mm) to 3.5 in. (89mm). For 3.0 in. oil filters at least 2.625 in. tall
AM290 (Single) Fits oil filter diameters from 2.5 in. (64mm) to 2.8 in. (71mm). Fits Rotax engines
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AeroMag® Maximum Engine Protection…In a Snap!

If lubrication were perfect, nothing would ever wear out.

Note: Sold as a single unit, however to gain maximum results purchase as a set of two
(one on each side as shown in images).

Within the tight clearances of today’s aircraft engines, normal wear generates tiny steel particles that are carried away in your oil. These particles are so small they will pass right through an normal oil filter. When the oil circulates back into the engine, these same particles are carried into every lubricated space where they can cause three body abrasive wear. This particle-laden oil will continue to lubricate, but it will also cause an exponential increase in wear while it circulates. The longer the oil is used, the greater the wear, the shorter the life, and the lower the reliability.

AeroMag® extracts normal, wear-causing steel particles from your oil with its powerful, focused, magnetic field technology.

These particles are permanently trapped on the inside wall of the filter and are thrown away when the filter is changed. Slide the AeroMag® off the old filter, snap it onto a new one and it goes right back to work protecting your engine.

Snap On • Slide Off • Reuse

Little Known Lubrication Facts:
  • Most “normal engine wear” is caused by particles in the 3-20 micron size. The porosity of most engine oil filters is approximately 20-40 microns because tighter filtration may restrict oil flow.
  • Clearances between lubricated moving parts in an engine will constantly vary from less than 1 micron to more than 20 microns depending upon conditions.
  • Dirt and steel particles small enough to fit into lubricated spaces do the most damage. Each of these particles will also generate more particles by three body abrasive wear.
  • Wear metals (Fe, Cu, etc) reported in used oil analysis are not particle counts. The average size of analyzed wear metal particles is 3-4 microns. No wear metal particles larger than 8-10 microns are analyzed.
  • Reducing particles in lubricating oil by 50% can increase lubricated component life by as much as 30%.
AeroMag® Powerful—Focused—Magnetic Field Technology

1. Powerful, heat-resistant neodymium alloy magnets are engineered to focus a magnetic field inside your filter. Specifically formulated to remain effective in the most extreme environments, these magnets are guaranteed to remove particles from oil operating at up to 300ºF. (Most magnets start losing magnetism at 180ºF.)

2. Patented Fluxcon™ shielding technology stops magnetic flux which could affect electronic components. Not even a paper clip will stick to the outside of an AeroMag®. FluxCon™ shielding also redirects a portion of that magnetic power back into the filter to increase filtration efficiency.

3. Rugged flexible frame encases and protects the elements of an AeroMag® while providing enough flexibility to fit a range of filter diameters. The proprietary design and materials are rated for temperatures from -40ºF to +300ºF.
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