Express Sleeves 1-1/2 X 12

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Part# 09-02061
MFR Model# 14036


Express Sleeves are just the thing that our customers have been looking for. An new easy to use sleeving which is a combination of a high temperature insulation material to a highly reflective mylar foil with a Velcro closure. The sleeving is designed to provide maximum protection for wires, hoses, and cables from the very damaging effect of radiant heat with an easy application. Simply pull apart the material, wrap around the wire, and re-close the sleeving. Express Sleeves reflect over 90% of radiant heat, is fireproof and fire resistant, and just looks good. Express Sleeves come in 1 1/2" diameter in 3', & 12' lengths.

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I like it for what it does, protects the items that would be touching my heat ducting. I use this material to wrap around my cabin heat duct to preserve some of the heat as well as keep the hot ducting from directly touching the skin of the aircraft or other items it is attached to. However, it will conduct heat over time. So if you have soft materials next to it, they may still melt. For instance, NylaFlow tubing will still melt.

George W
July 8, 2017


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