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From $163.75 to $189.95
EZ Heat Model No. Voltage Description Part Number Price Buy
EZ 270 110v E-Z Heat Engine Heater 3"x5-3/4"x1/32" pad
Use on flat oil sump surface
07-05315 $163.75
EZ 360 110v E-Z Heat Engine Heater 5"dia circle x 1/32" pad
Use on round kidney shaped oil sumps
07-00756 $163.75
EZ 440 110v E-Z Heat Engine Heater 4"x4"x1/32" pad 07-05100 $163.75
EZ 441 110v E-Z Heat Engine Heater 3-7/8"x5"x1/32" pad 07-05200 $163.75
EZ 441 220v E-Z Heat Engine Heater 3-7/8"x5"x1/32" pad. No plug included. 07-05200-2 $163.75
EZ 442 110v E-Z Heat Engine Heater 2-1/4"x13"x1/32" pad 07-05210 $163.75
EZ 470 110v E-Z Heat Engine Heater 07-01320 $163.85
EZ 540 110v E-Z Heat Engine Heater (1) 3"x5-3/4"x1/32 & (1) 3"x4"x1/32" 07-05345 $187.75
EZ 540 220v E-Z Heat Engine Heater (1) 3"x5-3/4"x1/32 & (1) 3"x4"x1/32" No plug included. 07-05345-2 $189.95
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Note: Please see "Engine Application Guide" Click Here for the correct EZ Heat model number for your application.

Preheating engines for winter operations is at best a miserable chore and at worst can be a disaster for the plane, the pilot & flight operations - until the development of the E-Z Heat Aircraft Engine Heater. The E-Z Heat was designed to provide very efficient engine heating for virtually all propeller driven aircraft. The heaters consist of a flexible synthetic pad that easily conforms to the contours of the oil pan. This pad will heat 12 qts of oil from -40 to +60F in an hour while using approximately 300 watts of electricity. The heater is 1/32" thick. which enables the immediate heat transfer from heater to engine.

The heaters are thermostatically controlled, so leaving them plugged in overnight means the plane will be ready to go in the morning. Normally, complete pre-heating takes only 3-5 hours for the entire engine to be nice and warm. With this new lighted plug (110V models only, 220V models include no plug to allow for European outlet variance), the owner simply needs to look out the window or peek in the hangar to see if they remembered to plug in their E-Z Heat engine pre-heater. Molded into the male plug end is a newly designed light emitting diode (LED). This LED allows the operator to visually recognize if there is electrical power to the preheat system even from a distance. FAA approved for certificated aircraft.

End your cold weather starting problems and reduce premature engine wear.

E-Z Heat Installation Instructions


Power Consumption:
300 watts or less / Thermostatically Controlled

Power Requirement:
110/120 volts (models 440, 441 and 540 are available in 220 volts).

The adhesive is already on the pad. All you need to do is peel and stick it on! (excluding model 470)

Preheat Time:
3 to 5 hours on cold soaked engine, although, since unit is thermostatically controlled, it may be left on overnight, or all the time. Cowl covers and prop covers are recommended for extreme cold weather, they also reduce preheat time.

Lite Brite Plug:
With this new lighted plug, the owner simply has to look out the window or peek in the hangar to see if they remembered to plug in their E-Z Heat engine pre-heater! (excluding model 470)

Only 9 ounces!

Heat Transfer:
Convection/conduction, the safest way of heat transfer available. No flames or glowing elements are potential fire hazards.

E-Z Heat Models:
  • Model 270 - 3" x 5 3/4" x 1/32"
  • Model 440 - 4" x 4" x 1/32"
  • Model 441 - 4" x 5 1/2" x 1/32"
  • Model 442 - 2" 1/8" x 13" x 1/32"
  • Model 470 - 4" x 7" x 1/32"
    (no lite brite or peel & stick adhesive)
  • Model 5402 pads - 3" x 5 3/4" 1/32" and 3" x 4" x 1/32"
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Odd N
September 1, 2019

Great product! Very simple to install and to use! Thanks

Andrii P
January 14, 2019

Nice product, easy to install.

James E
December 21, 2018

Good product. Edge sealant included. Easy to apply.

Wegrzyn A
November 23, 2018

The heater was easy to install and came with high temperature sealant for the edges and a plenty long cord with a light up plug. It worked immediately and Iâm happy with the results.

Wegrzyn A
November 12, 2018

Easy to install, works great

November 3, 2018

This heater works absolutely awesome. I live here in Alaska, and a three hour preheat with this oil pan heater and a heavy engine blanket even has the cylinders warm to the touch on an 0-320 Lycoming

Zach J
September 22, 2018

Works great, e-z to install!

Jason L
September 16, 2018

Great price and great product! Heater does not need any paperwork for the FAA which is a plus. EZ-Heat answered my questions about what model for the engine in my Piper.

David H
January 29, 2018

Works great.

January 7, 2018


Q: Does the installation require a logbook entry by an A&P?

Per the supplier: No, a log book entry is not required by an A&P.

Q: Regarding the E-Z Heat Aircraft Engine Preheaters: I have a Continental IO 550 engine. This engine is not listed by you for choosing a model of your product. The engine is similar to IO 550, so would it be permissible to use the EZ540?

Per the supplier: Yes, they can either use the EZ540 or the EZ441 for that engine type.

Q: Do these E-Z Heat Aircraft Engine Preheaters need FAA field approvals?

Per the supplier: No, they do not require field approvals.

Q: Installed one of these on my aircraft a year ago, just curious what the thermostat on and off temps are? I.E. it comes on at ______, degress and kicks off at _____ degrees ? I have the IO 360 model. thank you

It comes on at around 120F and shuts off at around 165F.

Q: Ive read we shouldn't leave heaters on continuously (weeks at a time) as it may harm the oil above the heat pad in the pan. Any comments?

Per the supplier: You can leave this on for about a week or two as long as you fly your aircraft at least once or twice a month.

Q: How long is the warranty on the E-Z Heat Aircraft Engine Preheater?

The manufacturer's warranty is 3 years.

Q: What is the amperage draw on the EZ440?

Approx 2.4 amps

Q: What is the difference between part #s 07-05200 and 07-05200-2?

These are the same units, only difference is the input voltage. The 07-05200 is intended for use with 110v input voltage. The 07-05200-2 is intended for 220v input voltage. 220v input is commonly found in Europe. The USA wall outlets are all 110v.

Q: Can the EZ HEAT heating pads be mounted around rounded corners or areas with curvature on the sump?

The heaters can take a slight curve but can not be creased due to the fact that they have heating elements throughout the pad so they can get broken, burning out the pad, if creased or bent to sharply. The round sump will take the 360 which has tabs so that you don't have to bend it.

Q: Should you remove paint down to bare metal on the sump before installing this EZ-HEAT heater?

As long as the paint is in good shape and not chipping or pealing off, you can just stick it on the painted sump.

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