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From $13.95 to $19.50
Mount Model Number Description Part Number Price Buy
T.A.F.-L TEMPEST GASKET FM-02 08-13896 $13.95
CO-300; C6LC-S; C6LC-L; C6SC TEMPEST GASKET FM-07 08-00978 $15.50
C6LC-11/15 TEMPEST GASKET FM-29 08-15639 $19.50
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These Gaskets work with the Tempest Oil Filter Adapters, see your manual to ensure proper selection.
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Works as advertised. I ordered 2 sets, thankfully, since UPS apparently ran over the bubble-pack envelope they came in and ruined the crush gasket in one package. Aircraft Spruce stepped right up and sent out a replacement and handled the claim with UPS, no fuss. Very happy with Aircraft Spruce.

William A
November 12, 2018

First, I am happy to see that the gaskets are now available. During 2015 I was not able to find the replacement lower fiber gasket because of delays by the FAA in approving the company that bought the product line from F&M. With the above said, some clarification is in order. I am a retired materials engineer not associated with any company or organization. I did a lot of research on the adapter back in 2015. 1. The lower fiber gasket at the oil pressure regulator is an engineered material with specific properties. It is not a simple paper gasket. The material is engineered to be resistant to mineral oil while maintaining good tensile strength and comressibility. I ran a program to qualify asbestos free gaskets in 1984/1985 and the findings were very surprising. But, if the proper rubber binders are not used in the modern asbestos free sheet gaskets premature failures will occur. And that would not be good for the adapter gasket and maintaining oil inside the engine. 2. F&M Enterprises issued a circular, FM2007-01, indicating that the gaskets should be replaced anytime the adapter is removed and after 300 hours or 3 years whichever comes first. 3. Installation instructions for the F&M adapter call for re-torquing the adapter nut after 10 hours of operation to accommodate any relaxation of the fiber gasket. 4. When you read various posts on the adapter design there was some learning that went into the design. The grooves on the face of the adapter were intentionally added to aid in sealing. 5. Finally, there is a circular indicating that adhesives or secondary sealants should not be used on gaskets on aircraft engines. Presumably this is to prevent the adhesives from breaking down and acting like a lubricant between the fiber gasket and the metal faces which would lower the performance (blow-out resistance) of the gasket.

Bill J
August 20, 2017

Most of the time I dont complain about aircraft parts prices, its part of the business. But when things are obviously gouging I think its our duty. Really? 13$ fot one crush washer and a cardboard gasket?. Sorry Tempest, you gotta fix this. Your adapter does need retourquing occasionally and this can cause the little cardboard gasket to break. At half this cost, I might not complain.

Goodfriend A
November 21, 2019

I bought this gasket kit when F&M had the company before they sold out. The gaskets were sent to me free of charge as long as I could prove I was the original owner. That seemed very fair. Theyt said they had changed the gaskets, I have one of the first adapters from 16 years ago. The gasket are seeping again and I also did not receive any install information. I not sure now were to get the crush gasket nor the paper gasket that will work, I cant see paying $16 for a 65 cent copper gasket and 50 cent paper gasket for something that seems to fail every few months.

May 3, 2017

I have a previously installed F&M oil filter adapter and was having problems with leaks after an engine rebuild. Called tempest for torque specs and was told to order this kit and it would have instructions on torque specs, etc. I received a crush washer and gasket, no information. Save your money and order the 50 cent crush washer and fabric gasket.

March 31, 2017


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