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Plantmat For Portable Spill Containment By Plantnappy

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The PlantMat® has been designed to offer absorption and total immobilization of oils and fuels, particularly in high mobility area. PlantMat® offers extended features when used in conjunction with Plant Nappy®.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Typical Uses

PlantMat® - Small
  • Storage of Fuel Cans
  • Refuelling Power Tools
  • Small Water Pumps
  • Small Generator
  • Protection when carrying out minor equipment repairs
  • Can be used inside a 500mm x 685mm (Small) Plant Nappy®
PlantMat® - Medium
  • Engine bay protection
  • Catchment area when refuelling
  • Temporary lighting/signals
  • 2.7Kva Generator
  • Can be used inside a 1000mm x 685mm (Medium) Plant Nappy®
PlantMat® - Large
  • Medium to large generators
  • On-site Equipment/Vehicles
  • Fuel bowsers
  • Most pumps
  • Can be use inside a 2000mm x 1370mm (Large) Plant Nappy®

PlantMat® Sizing Guide

Small Mat
  • Size - 440mm x 625mm
  • Absorbency – 3 Liters
  • Weight – 0.73Kg
Medium Mat
  • Size - 940mm x 625mm
  • Absorbency – 6 Liters
  • Weight – 1.5Kg
Large Mat
  • Size - 1940mm x 1310mm
  • Absorbency – 24 Liters
  • Weight – 6.0Kg


Cost Effective Environmental Protection
  • When used alone in dry conditions, or together with a Plant Nappy® in wet conditions the PlantMat® can offer vast savings on current environmental practices and policies.
Ultimate All Weather Solution
  • PlantMat® has been developed to compliment the market leading product; Plant Nappy®. By working in conjunction with each other they offer absolute all weather environmental protection.When risk of rainfall or water contact is high, the PlantMat® can be placed inside a Plant Nappy®.This allows unrivalled water filtration through the Plant Nappy® sidewalls while at the same time immobilizing oils and fuels.
Utilizing Soliditex® Technology
  • A new composite developed from the ground up to replace existing polymer technologies by using purpose made polymers that not only turn fuels and oils into a solid mass, but effectively offers horizontal and vertical wicking for lightening fast reaction times. Not only does this offer 100% oil/polymer contact but the sophisticated construction prevents uncontrollable swelling of the Mat with no layer separation - keeping everything contained. This patent pending composite also means that water doesn't stand static in the substrate preventing oils and fuels from being absorbed.


  • Top Mesh
    • A Durable UV stable mesh can withstand the harshest of site conditions and protect the inner workings of PlantMat.
    • Abrasion resistant
    • UV Stable
    • Tough Construction
    • Protective Layer
  • Soliditex® Core
    • The heart of the product, brand new soliditex technology turn oils and fuels into a solid mass within a textile.
    • Super Absorbent
    • Oil Solidifying
    • Innovative Structure
  • Loops/Positioning tabs
    • Convenient loops for placing and retreiving the product, they also help with handling and storage.
  • Base Layer
    • Abrasion Resistant
    • Non Permeable
    • Puncture Resistant
    • Tear Resistant
    • Polyurethane
  • Accessories
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Great product! I use one for catching engine oil drips instead of a metal tray. It’s Convenient when moving aircraft around because you can run right over them if you forget them and they don’t get in the way. I use a second one on my workbench when doing repairs. Small parts are easy to see on the green mat and it keeps the area clean. No more oily pieces of cardboard to throw away or metal trays to scratch the floor

Randy N
September 8, 2020


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