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Shell Aviation has introduced the AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4, the second generation of its piston engine oil, specifically designed for light sport and very light/ultralight aircraft 4-stroke engines. Shell Aviation has collaborated with major engine manufacturer, BRP -Rotax, in designing the product, which is the result of three years of development and testing in both companies’ Research and Development facilities.

The AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 offers the following core benefits:
  • It is the first aviation oil in the market that is BRP-Rotax tested and is Rotax Norm RON 424 approved.
  • Provides enhanced anti-wear protection compared to the previous generation – helping to ensure engines reach time between overhaul (TBO).
  • Provides enhanced protection and lubricity for the smooth movement of clutch and gearbox components.
“Throughout the past 100 years, we have made it a priority to understand our customers’ needs so we can provide the best products for their businesses,” said Stéphane Cicolella, Global General Manager Shell Aviation Lubricants. “We are delighted to introduce the AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 and excited about our continued cooperation with BRP-Rotax. Through this collaboration, we are better able to test the product in a number of different conditions and leverage both companies’ expertise for the benefit of our customers.”

Most current 4-stroke engines come with integrated gearbox and overload clutch systems. The same oil is in contact with all the moving parts, so it must be capable of coping with the engine, overload clutch and gearbox simultaneously. The AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 is ideal as it is extremely resistant to the immense shear forces that occur in areas of high-pressure contact such as high-speed gearboxes, valve trains, bearings, pistons and liners. This is where the blend of base oil and additives is most crucial. The AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 incorporates a blend of synthetic technology and high performance additives to help provide long lasting protection.

Thomas Uhr, General Manager BRP-Powertrain said, “The collaboration of BRP-Rotax with Shell goes back to 2004. Our decision to work with the AeroShell team on the development of the formulation for AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 was based on the benefits the formulation would provide to our customers. This joint development is supported by 40 years of Rotax aircraft engines, 25 years and more than 50.000 engines produced within the Rotax 912/914 engines with more than 45 million hours of flight.

We are convinced of the performance of the AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 and that is why we will recommend this product exclusively in our revised Service Information which will be released soon. BRP-Rotax will continue using AeroShell aviation lubricants and is excited about this phase of technical collaboration."

At A Glance

  • Multi-grade oil designed to be used in any climate, anywhere in the world.
  • Same formulation all over the world, not to be changed without consultation with the main OEMs (including BRP-Rotax).
  • Specially selected base oils incorporating synthetic technology to help prevent sludge problems when operating with leaded fuels. This also provides excellent shear stability.
  • Can be used with both unleaded aviation and road fuels and Avgas 100LL. Please refer to the Operators Handbook/Manual for the correct oil drain interval when operating on different fuels.
  • Additive technology, developed to meet the Rotax Norm RON 424 requirements of integrated gearbox and overload clutches (as used in ROTAX® 912 & 914 Series).
    • Anti–corrosion and anti-wear additive package. These additives work as a protective barrier to help prevent critical parts from being slowly degraded by corrosion or wear. This protection is crucial for critical internal parts, reducing the likelihood of premature damage.
    • Powerful anti-oxidation action to help protect and clean engine parts.
    • Anti-foaming additives designed to help maximize lubrication effectiveness. This is extremely important for those engines which operate with an integrated gearbox.
    • Special additives help to neutralize acid build-up.
  • The base fluid mixture is a combination of synthetic and high quality mineral oil chosen to give optimum performance when running on any approved fuel (i.e. unleaded mogas/avgas and lead containing aviation fuels). Optimum performance means excellent wear protection and cleanliness of the engine.


Meets or Exceeds Highest International Specifications
  • Fully Approved – All ROTAX® 912 &914 Series engines: Rotax Service Instruction SI-912-016/SI-912i-001/SI-914-019 “Selection of suitable operating fluids for ROTAX® engine type 912 & 914 (Series)” will be released soon
  • RON 424 OEM specification (new Rotax Norm)
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The best oil for Rotax engines. Shipping in a timely manner is very important, got mine in a few days. Thanks.

Harold G Verified Purchase


September 14, 2021

Great product and service

Gino C Verified Purchase


June 5, 2021

Rotax recommended

December 21, 2020

Been using this since my plane was brand new. Stays clean

September 1, 2020

Delivered faster than expected. Thank you!

Terence H
August 17, 2020

The recommended oil for the Rotax 912 series engines. The only oil I use in my 912 ULS.

Kevin M
August 3, 2020

Works well

George E
February 20, 2020

If you have a Rotax you need this oil. If it’s good enough for the manufacturer....it’s good enough for me and my SuperStol.

January 24, 2020

Are you a Rotax 912 owner? This is what you want. Also dont skimp on the filter. Order a case of this oil and 4 Rotax oil filters and your set for up to 200 hrs of flying!

Tom T
October 15, 2019

Quick and easy ordering process with timely shipping and delivery.

Bob H
August 5, 2019


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: Can this Aeroshell Oil Sport Plus 4 ship via air freight internationally?

Yes, this can ship via air freight internationally and domestically. It is not considered hazardous goods for transportation.

Q: I have a bottle of the older Aeroshell Sport 4 oil - the bottle is black in colour. Can this be mixed with the new oil in the red container?

Yes, there is no issue with mixing the older Sport 4 (black bottle) and the newer red bottle.

Q: Iv been using CPS AV-9 10W-40 in my 912 UL that has a thermostat controlled oil cooler so all the oil cant be drained out. Will the aeroshell sport and the AS-9 be compatible during the first oil change?

Yes, these oils will mix just fine.

Q: What is the shelf life of Aeroshell Sport 4 oil?

4 year shelf life.

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