E-Mag Spark Plug Adapters For 14MM Spark Plugs

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E-Mag Spark Plug Adapters without Gaskets (4pk)Short Reach
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E-Mag Spark Plug Adapters with 07-00877 Gaskets (4pk)Short Reach
E-Mag Spark Plug Adapters without Gaskets (4pk)Long Reach
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E-Mag Spark Plug Adapters with 07-00877 Gaskets (4pk)Long Reach
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High performance electronic ignitions have demonstrated reliability, easier starting, greater power at altitude, and more efficient combustion. Auto plug adapters allow for an easy conversion of 18mm (standard engine plug thread) to 14mm (common auto plug thread). Both short reach and long reach adapters are available.

The Spark Plug Adapter allows you to use:

    High performance 14mm automotive plugs, that offer an almost unlimited variety of heat ranges, & electrode styles, designed specifically to take advantage of electronic ignitions. See ignition manufacturer documentation for recommendations
    Note: not all plugs are equally suited.

    Shorter plugs with 90 silicon boots provides greater clearance for sleeker cowls and less drag.

    Precious and semi precious metal racing spark plugs (the ultimate in reliability and long life). More speed, power, efficiency, as well as a cost savings each time you change spark plugs.

    Some kits also include 4 adapter gaskets - see kit description.

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Brad L Verified Purchase


June 22, 2021

Works great but way the hell out of line in price. However nothing else will work so you have to pay the price.

Wayne W
May 12, 2018

Worked as advertised for installing auto spark plugs in electronic ignition installation in aircraft engine.

Berry J
April 17, 2017

These are pricy for a simple screw machine part... Especially when you look at the quality. I havent taken them out of the bag yet because Im not sure if Im going to use them or return them. The worse part of them is the spark plug seating surface, extreme machining chatter marks that could interfere with the sealing of the spark plug...

David V
April 6, 2020


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Q: Could you tell me which adapter and pre-cut harness part numbers I need to order for the short reach auto plugs (NGK BR8ES or BR8EIX)? You list two types of adapters, but I can't tell which is the short reach and which is the long reach.

We have just updated the webpage as this information was lacking. 08-06753 and 08-06753-1 listed on this page are the short reach version.

Q: On part # 08-06753, do I needs to add a gasket or use without gasket?

These adapters do not come with copper gaskets. The manufacturer recommends using gasket part # 07-00877. If you order part # 08-06753-1, the kit will include the correct gaskets. We sell the 08-06753 without gaskets as some customers have a large supply in their stock and are just looking for the adapters.

Q: What material are these adapters made of (steel, brass, aluminum)?

This is made of brass.

Q: What are the exact length of the long and short reach? I am asking that because I have already ordered your EFIS SPARK PLUG ADAPTERS and they are not 1/2 but more 3/8.

The shorts have an over all length of 11/16 and a thread length of 1/2. The long ones are 1" over all and 13/16" threads.

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