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Note: 12304-32 1 Mag Cap with 4 Leads per order (see Image 1). 12304-33 and 123404-31 are sold as a set, 2 mag caps with leads. Will fit 5/8" spark plugs only.

Ignition harnesses late type 5MM wire constructed of 16 strands of tightly braided copper wire impregnated with scuff resistant white silicone. All strands must fracture before a complete open circuit type failure occurs thus extending lead life. Lead flexibility is retained from -65 to 400F. Moisture & cleaning solvent penetration is eliminated by the impregnated silicone coating.

This extremely flexible wire lends itself to sharp bends thereby eliminating the need for old style harness elbows. No soldered joints in the grounding circuit. Custom made for most 4 & 6 cylinder engines using Bendix or Eisemann magnetos and 4 cylinder engines using Slick magnetos.Cable outlet plates are not furnished for Bendix & Eisemann mags as these are already installed on the magnetos in service. They must be purchased separately for new magneto installations. Harnesses for Slick magnetos are furnished with the backplates installed. Standard harnesses for the Bendix S4/S6 mags are fitted with a male nut which screws into the threaded outlet plate on the back of the mag. Harnesses for old style Bendix SF4 and SF6 magnetos are fitted with female nuts.

ACS Products ignition harnesses can be used on experimental aircraft or on certified aircraft with field approval (FAA Form 337). If FAA/PMA harness is mandatory or if for use with 3/4" spark plugs, use Slick Bendix, Aero-Lite or Champion harnesses.

Made in USA


Really nice set of wires at a price BUT, if your mag is very tight to the fire wall, the shoulders they use to keep the wires straight coming out of the mag cap, adds about 1/2 to the length of the magneto. Only a problem if you were already against the fire wall.

September 14, 2020

Delivered promptly in good shape

Danny B
September 8, 2020

The parts arrived about a week after ordering, and were a perfect fit. There were no machine screws, so I used the old ones. Otherwise there were no problems.

Daniel K
May 11, 2020

I found this item to be well made and of very nice quality for my RV-4

Roger A
May 6, 2020

Fast delivery and perfect fit. No problems at all with installation.

Dwight H
July 27, 2019

They fit well and perform great. The shielding is encapsulated in a silicon outer coating/sleeve making them stiffer and larger in diameter than the original. This is a very good value compared to OEM product offerings.

May 11, 2018

fit perfect ,ran much better after install

April 5, 2018

It installed ok leads are a tight fit. Leads should be numbered.

August 28, 2020

It looked like a well made part but was the wrong harness. I need the harness for Bendix mags p/n 12301-22. The harness I received was for slick mags 12304-33. I have sent the slick harness back with an explanatory note including the required code number for returning a part, now I await shipment of the correct part.

Robert R
August 16, 2019

Dont know yet not starter engine, however hardware is not useful. plug ends not labeled. price is great if all goes well. Thank Jerry

Jerry C
February 5, 2018


Q: I want to rebuild one of my slick mags and replace the other with an Electronic Ignition unit that comes with it's own harness. So I only need one harness for the Slick mag. Can you sell me a single harness?

Yes, part # 12304-32 is a single mag cap with 4 leads.

Q: I have a set of these wires coming in, pn 12304-33. Just want to confirm that the RF shielding has been incorporated into the wires and that an external brad shield is not required?

The 12304-33 does have the shielding built in the wire. All ACS Products ignition harnesses are shielded.

Q: Are these harnesses fit for left or right mag different?

Yes. There is a left and right side and they are labeled as such.

Q: Is pn 12304-33 good for both mags? need to change all harness for Cessna 152

Yes, this is sold as a set for left and right mags.

Q: For what kind of spark plugs is the 12304-32 harness used for?

The ACS Products harnesess all have ends to be used on 5/8" barrel aircraft sparkplugs. They do not offer an automotive style sparkplug connectors.

Q: Can you please confirm that the Slick ignition harness pn. 12304-33 comes as a set? For example contains both left and right harnesses (8 leads) for the price or do I need to buy 2 sets?

It comes with 8 leads. It is a complete harness.

Q: Does wire harness P/N 12304-33 fit Slick Mag P/Ns 4370 and 4371?

Per Vendor: The Slick mag caps are all the same size, and this harness is for Slick mags, per the application info on-line and catalog.

Q: Is the plug insulator ceramic or rubber?

This will be viton rubber.

Q: 12304-33: can it be ordered in any other color?

No, this is the only colored it is offered in.

Q: Are the caps that attach to the mag plastic as listed in one of the reviews of the product. Also is the 12304-31 harness for one mag or does it include a harness for both left and right mag? Do you have copies of any previous field approval 337 that I can submit to my FAA for a field approval?

The caps are metal and the includes the harness for left and right mags. We wouldn't have access to previous 337's. Part number 08-13303 is a certified Kelly version and wouldn't require a 337, might be a better option.

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