EATON MANDREL 3/8 S-1051-6

Part# 05-01920
MFR Model# S1051-6
Part NumberHoseFitting


For use with Aeroquip 491 fittings. These tools are recommended to avoid damage to the sealing surface and to properly support the inner tube. Note: These are Aeroquip Factory Mandrels, which are highly recommended for best results.
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On time and as advertised

Airframe I
February 4, 2021

The Aeroequip 303 hose and 491 fittings are assembled using this tool. It is absolutely necessary. I made hose assemblies today for the first time. Im pleasantly surprised how well and easy this was to do. Expensive...yes. but necessary.

Kenneth E
June 19, 2020

Good tool, well built and works as it should, just very overpriced. Lost a star for high price.

November 4, 2015

A very well made tool at a hideous price.

Robert B
May 26, 2020


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Q: Is this mandrel good to build up hoses of all types? 303, 666 etc?

This fitting is made to be used specifically with the 303 series hose. The 666 series hose will take either the F66000 or AE21502 series fittings.

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