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Slick Magneto Assembly And Timing Kit - T-100

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Part# 07-00788
MFR Model# T100


T-100 Assembly & Timing Kit for field-repairable
Slick 4300/6300 Series Magnetos.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Kit Components

This kit comes with (1) each of the following:
  • T-101 (Bearing Assy Plug)
  • T-102 (Rotor & Frame Assy Plug)
  • T-103 (Oil Seal Assy Plug)
  • T-106 (Impulse Puller)
  • T-117 (Base Adapter Plate)
  • T-118 (Timing Pin)
  • T-119 (Bushing)
  • T-121 (Bearing Puller - 2 Halves)
  • T-122 (Coil Wedge Puller)
  • T-123 (Timing Plug)
  • T-125 (Assy Fixture) (NLA 8-26-2010 MLC)
  • T-150 ("E-Gap" Gauge)
  • T-151 (Cam and Rotor Set)
  • T-152 (Spacer)
  • T-153 (Cam and Rotor Set)
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I just finished spending way too many hours disassembling my Slick 6310 magneto. I modified a puller to remove the (rusted-on) impulse coupling hub, which I was then able to use to remove the rotor bearings. Unfortunately, the puller jaws broke off when I was attempting to disassemble my other mag. I then proceeded to break a second set of puller jaws. I have to believe that using the tools that are designed for doing this job would be VASTLY preferable to doing it the way that I have been. I just have to convince my partners of the merits. If the tools work as intended, and save time in the bargain, then they are worth the price being asked. Jus sayin...

Bob E
August 9, 2021

Its not really complete. We had to make a few pieces and its far too expensive for what you get.

Joseph Z
April 9, 2024

Way to expensive for what it is. The tools are helpful but you could get by without just fine. Overpriced, under explained, would not recommend.

Wings O
August 3, 2019


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