Radiant Digital Altimeter 2-1/4 Non TSO

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Part# 10-06247
MFR Model# RDAL-020


The RADIANT Digital Altimeter is designed to show simultaneous digital altitude, digital VSI, digital outside temperature and digital density altitude in a single glance, easy to read format. All of this information is presented digitally on a single vivid LCD screen. The instrument fits in a standard 2.25” enclosure. Replacing four conventional instruments with one digitally accurate single instrument saves panel space and reduces aircraft weight. Additionally, the altitude sensor used within this instrument is amazingly accurate, showing differential altitudes with precision of 1 foot.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Brilliant daylight readable LCD display
  • Provides current altitude, temperature, VSI, and density altitude in digital format
  • Shows and allows changing of current barometric pressure.
  • Temperature may be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius format.
  • Display is “sunglass friendly” -- bright; readable with polarized glasses.
  • Works between -20C and +60C


This altimeter does connect to your static system, the description and documentation doesnt mention that. It would be nice if it had a rigid case. The two halves are taped together and there is some play between them. That is why the instructions say to not drill the screw holes.

Eric J
December 30, 2020

This is a review of the RDAL-020 model which Aircraft Spruce sold me. It has more functions than this single function unit but based on my experience, I would trust any instrument from Belite Radiant. You have to go to to see this. Received mine a few weeks ago from Aircraft Spruce. Mounted it in a small box with a 9 volt battery. Took it for a drive around the mountains. It is amazingly accurate. The VSI seemed to have a small lag so maybe not a direct replacement for a Variometer seeking thermals but much better than just an Altimeter and much more cost effective. The Density Altitude can give me a sanity check on engine performance. This has got to be the most hidden and underrated piece of equipment for Powered Paragliding. Just have to find a small 12V powerbank or rechargable 9 Volt batteries to operate this from. Perhaps Radiant could develop an Airspeed instrument for the paramotor speed range which seems well below Ptot sensor systems. There are Android apps for all these functions but I would never depend on an app. Aircraft Spruce has this in their inventory but does not show it on their web page. You have to type RDAL-020 into the search box and then the listing will show up. It is about a 2 week wait as these are custom made.

John H
May 2, 2019


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Q: Is there a separate temp probe, or is it just built into the instrument?

The temp probe is separate from the instrument itself. It must be installed on the exterior of the aircraft.

Q: Whats included with this unit? Temp probe? Potentiometer for the dimmer? Harness?

Per Specifications in Installation Manual: the External Dimmer Potentiometer and the Harness are included.

Q: What is the max current draw of this Belite Altimeter instrument at 12VDC?

80 milliamps @ 12 volts.

Q: Does this need to be calibrated or not?

This unit is able to self calibrate.