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Flyefii Dual System32 Engine Management System

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The FlyEFii System32 Engine Management System Hardware is the first electronic engine management system ever designed specifically for the needs of experimental aviation.

System32 is a state of the art, high speed, fully redundant system that represents the fulfillment of a ten year wish list of functionality.

Dual 32 bit high speed ECUs and a sunlight readable graphical LCD Cockpit Controller combine for seamless power and efficiency in managing your engine's electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition functions.

System32 will be offered in ignition only and full ignition + injection versions.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Engine Computer:
  • Advanced 32-bit microprocessor
  • EMI Filtering on all inputs
  • Operates down to 3.5 volts
  • Live Telemetry Interface
  • Integrated ADI Control
  • Up to 12 individually trimmable injector outputs
  • Onboard SD Card enables easy field updates, loading and saving map files, and data logging
  • Supports up to three O2 sensors
  • Integrated Boost Control
  • Lightning strike protection
  • Full 3D mapping of your ignition timing and fuel delivery
  • Compatible with standard left-right-both ignition switch
Cockpit Controller:
  • Color LCD 1000-NIT sunlight readable display
  • Integral rolling tape Air Fuel Ratio display
  • Convenient full size SD card enables easy field updates, loading and saving map files, and data logging
  • Seamlessly interfaces with two ECUs
  • Effortless tuning enter your engine size and compression ratio to instantly set fuel and ignition base maps
  • Fits in standard 3-1/8 aircraft instrument hole
  • Annunciator display for ECU power, fuel pump power, and two battery voltages
  • Multi-function knob and buttons provide intuitive access to functions


I put the full system on a Superior O360 with 8.5-1 pistons. We have about 40 hours on the plane now and so far I really like the system. The engine runs very smoothly and has great power. Running LOP is so easy it’s ridiculous, especially if you install an O2 sensor for AFR readings. Overall, I’m very pleased and look forward to years of solid performance.

Greg M
August 13, 2022


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Q: Is the 07-19978 a dual ignition?

Yes, it is.

Q: Is the dual ignition controlled by one computer or is there full redundancy?

All System 32 kits are fully redundant.

Q: Is the power source redundant to maintain minimal engine function in case of complete electrical failure?

Per the manufacturer: We always recommend some type of redundant power supply when a dual electronic ignition is used on an airplane. Our Bus Manager product creates a triple redundant 12v supply for the ignition using two batteries.

Q: Can product 07-19978 be installed on a carbureted engine?

The EIGN32-4R ignition can be used on any Lycoming engine. It does not matter if the engine is carbureted or injected.

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