JPI EDM-900 Single Engine Primary

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900-4CP-0 (4 Cyl) for NO tanks Primary
900-4CP-2 (4 Cyl) for L/R 2 tanks setup complete Primary
900-4CP-4 (4 Cyl) for L/R and Aux 4 tanks setup complete Primary
900-6CP-0 (6 Cyl) for NO tanks Primary
900-6CP-2 (6 Cyl) for L/R 2 tanks setup complete Primary
900-6CP-4 (6 Cyl) for L/R and Aux 4 tanks setup complete Primary
900-7CP-4 (7 Cyl) for L/R and Aux 4 tanks setup complete Primary
900-8CP-4 (8 Cyl) for L/R and Aux 4 tanks setup complete Primary
900-9CP-4 (9 Cyl) for L/R and Aux 4 tanks setup complete Primary
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The EDM-900 includes an ALL IN ONE Bright VGA Display with over 40 functions including fuel level. It is FAA STC approved to replace all engine instruments in over 1000 aircraft and all probes, sensors, and transducers are included. The EDM-900 has a built in EDM-800, plus many other gauges in combination together.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Engine
  • Manifold Pressure
  • Percent of Horse Power
  • Exhaust Gas Temp.
  • Cylinder Head Temp.
  • Oil Temperatures
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Outside Air Temp.
  • Voltage
  • Current amps/load
  • Gallons per Hour GPH
  • Required to wp or destination
  • Fuel used
  • Endurance hours and minutes
  • Miles per Gal
  • Fuel quantity, level
  • Shock Cooling on all Cylinders
  • Gami spread high low fuel flow
  • Memory stick 2 GB
  • 800 Hrs every 6 sec.
  • Graphing software free
  • Fits in a standard 3" hole no panel rework

Hardware Included

  • EDM-900 ALL IN ONE Bright VGA Display
  • Pre-Wired Harness for all functions
  • All EGT/CHT probes
  • Oil Pressure Transducer
  • Oil Temperature Sensor
  • Oat Sensor
  • RPM Sensor, One required
  • Manifold Pressure Transducer
  • 100 amp Shunt (2) (for Amps)
  • Volts pick-up V-1 and V-2
  • 2 GB memory Download/upload stick
  • FloScan Fuel Flow Transducer w/firesleeve
  • Demo DVD
  • 3 year warranty


After testing all my old gauges and finding them of poor quality now I had all of the 50 year old gauges , wires , probes and sensors removed and thrown away. My shop put in the JPI EDM 900 and it was the best decision I have made while updating a Cessna 172. While you are doing this always have your fuel tank sending units cleaned and recalibrated for accurate measurements. This unit is great.

February 7, 2022

Installed on my Archer II, removed all old gauges except RPM. High quality probes on the primary JPI-900. Works perfect! Worth every penny!

David G
July 12, 2017

just learning it!

March 4, 2017

I give the edm 900 4 stars instead of 5 because in the documentation is says you might have issues with calibrating your old fuel gauges. Well after talking with the service personel it was made clear they never calibrate. Just to let you know they would not take back the $200.00 harness and I had to buy a new harness to hook up to the new cies sender units $1000.00. Plus the Time to remove and reinstall the new harness. Agrivating to say the least. Love the gauge with the fuel flow option,spot on every time with fuel consumption . The cies fuel senders are fantastic. C182n

Robert W
May 22, 2016


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Q: Does this include the fuel pressure transducer?

Per JPI, The EDM-900 does not come with a fuel pressure transducer. It is an option that can be added to the order.

Q: Will the EDM-900 interface with a Garmin 796?

A Garmin 796 can interface with the EDM900 through a data cable such as part number: 11-10044.

Q: Can probes from an EDM-700 be used for some functions or do a new set of probes need to be installed?

Per the manufacturer: It is recommended to use the new probes included with the kit.

Q: Can the JPI EDM 900 be flush mounted?

Yes, please see part number 10-06563 for the flush mount option.

Q: Can the screen layout be changed on the JPI EDM-900? For example, if I dont want tach and MP being monitored can I use that screen space for something else?

No, only non-primary data can be changed.

Q: Can this JPI EDM-900 interface with a Garmin 530?

Yes, RS-232 connections can provide GPS data to the EDM 900.

Q: Does the JPI EDM 900 have a tach function?

Yes, the EDM 900 has a tach function.

Q: Will the JPI EDM-900 interface with Garmin GTN 650?

Yes, GPS information can be shared for features such as fuel required to destination.

Q: What are the dimensions of the JPI EDM-900?

Per JPI - 3.56" deep (connectors recessed)- 4.81" wide, 3.47" high, fits a 3.125" hole.

Q: Is the JPI EDM 900 a plug and play replacement for the EDM830?

No, this is not a plug and play replacement for the EDM 830.

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