Belite Radiant Technology - Universal Air Speed Indicator

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Part# 10-06964


Radiant Technology's Universal Airspeed Indicator provides the ability to see speed trends, a huge digital display and user selectable units of 100, 160 and 200 with either knots or MPH.

Users may calibrate the exact ranges to their aircraft specs, including green, yellow, redline and flap speed. The unit provides additional notification for permissible flap extension, along with an overspeed indicator.

In addition to the screen readability, information and trends, the unit features a medical grade air pressure sensor, which is connected to an existing pitot line like any other steam gauge ASI.


  • Airspeed information is presented 3 ways: current bar graph, historical trend, and huge numerical digits.
  • All speed ranges are user definable across total range, green, yellow, redline, and flap-line (white).
  • Digital sensor is incredibly precise, especially at moderate to high speeds.
  • Works with standard pilot and static lines.
  • Works with any system voltage from 8 to 32 volts.
  • Universal Airspeed supports 3 ranges: 0-100; 0 - 160; 0 - 200
  • Supports either Miles Per Hour or Knots
  • Separate ports for attachment of Pilot (airspeed input) and Static pressure
  • Works from any power source, 8 to 32 volts
  • Calibrate anytime on the ground
  • Digital sensor is extremely precise



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Q: Does it come with the sensor?

The digital sensor is included with the Air Speed Indicator for part # 10-06964.

Q: Can the numerical digits be displayed as the primary or does the display show both bar graph and numerical at the same time? I need the display to show the large digits.

No, Airspeed information is presented 3 ways: current bar graph, historical trend, and huge numerical digits.

Q: Is the Belite ASI FAA Approved?

No, Belite instruments are intended for experimental aircraft use only.

Q: does this unit connect directly to the 1/4 ID pitot and static lines or are additional fittings and hose needed? What is needed to connect unit and make it operational? Do you have a technical sheet on it?

This unit only has a connector in the back. It detects airspeed through a sensor and does not require tubing or fittings.

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