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Skysports Vertical Card Compass Northern Hemisphere + Mounting Bracket

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Part# 10-05425
MFR Model# MC022M


The Skysports Vertical Card compass features a 2 inch vertical card dial which presents the entire 360 degree heading range at all times for easy interpretation. It is a dry compass which eliminates the leaking and much of the precessing common in wet compasses.
Lighted 12VDC.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


The hardware that is supplied is cheap and not aviation quality. What appears to be nylock are substandard Chinese copies that do not lock.

John H
June 8, 2019

Absolutely worthless. Off by more then 30 degrees in some directions. Attempted to calibrate and can make accurate at North, but then off by 30 or more degrees over a 90 degree span. Unusable and is being removed from my aircraft.

Brad P
October 1, 2019


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Q: What are the dimensions and depth for the Skysports Vertical Card Compass?

The Skysports Vertical Card Compass is designed for a 2 cutout and its depth is 2 inches.

Q: Can the Skysports Vertical Card Compass be mounted in the panel?

While it technically can fit, we do not recommend mounting it in a panel due to magnetic interference.

Q: I am building a homebuilt and using a wood panel to mount the instruments. Can I mount the compass on the panel with the rest of the instruments then?

You can but please know the compass is a very susceptible instrument to magnetic interference and is should always be mounted far away from other gauges and avionics

Q: If I am going to use the vertical compass in the Philippines which Hemisphere should I choose in the select button when ordering?

As the Philippines are north of the equator a Northern Hemisphere compass would be the correct choice.

Q: Should the compass be installed absolutely vertical using the face as reference or can it be off by say, 5 to 10 degrees as when mounting it on the panel?

It is recommended to mount this compass as vertical as possible without tilt.

Q: Does placing the Skyports panel mount compass (kerosene type) in the mount make a difference with the electrical magnetic interference?

Yes, while it technically can fit, we do not recommend mounting it in a panel due to magnetic interference.

Q: Is the Skysports Vertical Card compass FAA TSOd?

No, Skysports instruments are not FAA Approved. They are intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: Which of the coloured adjusting screws is for the North / South adjustment and which is for the East / West?

Green screw is for north /south, yellow screw is for east / west.

Q: Can it be mounted hanging from wind screen?

Yes, these are intended to be mounted from the wind shield.

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