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Precision Pacmo-Cesno One-Piece Wind Shield Mount For Cessna

Part# 10-07700


Note: Compass not included

Custom mount for several Cessna models using one-piece windshield & compass mounting block. Models include Cessna 150, 152, 170, 180, 182, 185, & 210.
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Not installed yet but looks to be fine.

July 1, 2020

Aircraft Spruce continues to amaze at how fast I can get what I need delivered. Choosing USPS Prioity Mail gets it to me in 2 days! The new mount is a newer design and seems smother in flight than the older sponge foam one it replaced. Not listed to but fit my 177RG perfectly

March 30, 2018

Aircraft Spruce is the best in the business, fast shipping, great prices. I guess this review is for the VC above. I have a 182RG and purchased the Cessna mount. One word, do not tighten the mounting screws down before you shim inside the mount on the windshield, the screws will not compass the mount enough to keep it from flopping around. Make sure you have a tight fit before you tighten the supplied screw for the window mount, otherwise you will have to drill it out and start over.

October 5, 2018

Does not fit Cessna Skymaster

Michael R
August 11, 2022


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Q: Is there a deviation card holder specifically for this unit ?

Yes, please see part number: 10-01658

Q: Is this mount for the Cessna 177 Cardinal with the one-piece windshield and the Center Mounting Block?

Per the manufacturer this mount is for Cessna models that utilize a one-piece windshield with a compass mounting block.

Q: is there a mount windshield mount for a 172N ?

This depends on the age of the aircraft. For early Cessna 172 you can use 10-07924.

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