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Note: Compass deviation card is included.

The Precision Vertical Card Compass for todays aircraft. It is a dry compass, designed to replace the float/liquid type compass -- no more leaking fluid or backward azimuth readings. It uses eddy current damping and as such has no overshoot. Consists of a 2" vertical rotating dial which is compared with a fixed miniature airplane (lubber line) to present the magnetic heading of the aircraft at all times. Heading information is more natural because the heading is read at the12 o'clock position and off the nose of the miniature aircraft.

The compass card rotates and presents all quadrants in their true relation to line of flight. Requires no power (except for lighting) to operate. Fully TSOd. Installed in many current production aircraft & helicopters. Size: 2-7/8"H x 2-3/8"W x 2-1/8"D. Wt. 0.6 lb. After installing compass must be compensated using standard compensation procedures. Also used in sailplanes.

Note: A mount is required for installation with these unit and is not included. Click here to see mounts webpage.
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love the vertical card idea, but this compass has never stayed accurate, then it finally just died. off by at least 30 degrees.

October 15, 2019

Purchased the vertical card compass and it worked fine for 8 months, but returning home on a night flight last night it locked up and will not move in either direction. It was not bumped, dropped or jarred byond what would be expected as usual for an aircraft installation. I have requested a replacement, but uncertain what the warranty is. I gave 3 stars based on the assumption that they will replace quickley as it is required to fly! TSOd equipment should not fail within 1 year!

Bill J
September 3, 2019

Seems to be working well. Really like the display. Makes it much easier to read in all conditions.

Daniel F
August 27, 2019

So far I love it. But when calibrating the compass card, I noticed very small movements, like under five degrees, the card doesnt move unless there is movement, like engine vibration. (Not a problem when the engine is running), but if your holding the compass very still and turn it, nothing happens in very small movements, like under five degrees, tap it on the side with your finger gently and it moves and points correctly. A none issue in a running plane Other than that, I really like it, I was so tired of struggling to see my compass numbers, this is super easy to see, and turns in the same direction of my directional gyro.

Dan M
July 25, 2019

Sticky during turns. Freezes while turning then suddenly catches up after leveling off. I gave it 2 stars because it looks good and is easy to read but forget timed compass turns during IFR training. Wish I kept my whiskey compass.

Michael L
January 5, 2019

Purchased and had installed by avionics vendor. Unit didnt last a year and froze up. Was nice while it lasted but short service life a major disappointment. Back to the reliable whiskey compass.

November 6, 2018

Works fine, easy install

November 5, 2018

Easy mount using the same mount as the whiskey compass. Wired for illumination. (Consider using quick disconnect fittings) internal magnets are much stronger than a whiskeycompass, so your plane may require shielding and/or balancing balls compensators. Easy to read.

Mark D
September 24, 2018

Looks good, hopefully works good, hopefully last long time.

Matt K
July 19, 2018

Compass worked fine for the first 2-3 weeks after installation, then it froze in the same heading. I couldnt adjust it and it stayed frozen after I removed it from the airplane. The vendor, Precision Aviation Inc., claimed there was nothing wrong with it and wanted a $165 fee to inspect it. The compass was under warranty. I protested and Aircraft Spruce sent me a replacement but the process left me without a compass for a month.

James K
May 27, 2018


Q: Can this vertical card compass operate on a tail dragger dash board as the aircraft is not level due to tilt?

Yes, this product is tested with tail dragger tilt in mind from the manufacture and we have had no issues or returns because of it.

Q: Can this compass be mounted in the instrument panel?

It can be, but it is not recommended due to the potential interference from other electrical units in the panel. If interference is detected, Mu-Metal (11-04483), can be used to shield the compass.

Q: My wet compass is 2-1/4" panel mount. If I replaced it with this compass in the panel it appears the green and yellow adjustment screws would be inaccessible. Is that a problem?

This compass is not intented to be mount to the panel and is a bracket mounted compass.

Q: If I insist on panel mounting, what size hole does the PAI 700 fit in?

It will fit a 2-1/4" size hole.

Q: Do you have a correction chart for this compass?

We sell generic compass deviation cards part number 10-01659.

Q: Does a Precision Vertical Card Compass require a power wire (not including one for the light)?

Power only needs to be attaching to light the gauge no power is needed for operation.

Q: Does the light bar come standard with the compass or is it an additional purchase?

You will need to select the voltage version first but yes they all come with internal lighting.

Q: Where does the deviation card mount for the Precision Vertical Card Compass PAI-700?

You may purchase a compass deviation card such as part# 10-01659 and mount it somewhere near the compass.

Q: If I buy the Precision Vertical Card Compass PAI-700 compass for the Northern hemisphere and fly to the Southern hemisphere will the the compass work correctly?

You would encounter errors. In order for a compass to work as intended, you need to fly in the hemisphere the compass was designed for.

Q: Does the Precision PAI-700 vertical card compass require a STC when installed in a certified aircraft?

The PAI-700 is TSO'd for use in certified aircraft. There is no STC available, a logbook entry is all that is required.

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