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My name is Alex Frizzell and I live in central Alabama. I started this project in 2003, it is a Wittman Tailwind W10 Tri-gear with Clement Mods. It was supposed to be a 3 yr project but life got in the way. Didn't want to build it at first, but the friend that sold me the plans said do the research, it's not the little slow boxy plane that I thought it was. Found out it was the "most bang for the buck" Lycoming 0-320 160 hp 200+ mph cross country plane @ 6-8 GPH. Finished, I will have less than $15,000 in it. Saved many bucks by purchasing everything back in 2003. Living near Atlanta gives me an advantage of being able to go to Aircraft Spruce and purchasing the small items that I needed along the way, only 110 miles away. I joined the Yahoo Tailwind forum back then and it and the guys on it have been a wonderful inspiration in the continuance of this project. A lot of great history behind this plane which was designed by Steve Wittman whose name inspired the naming of Wittman field in Oshkosh Wi. Anyone with the skills and tooling can build this plane on the cheap. I'm only about 6-10 months away from finishing. I am happy to answer any questions relating to the build. attached are some photo's. Engine is off right now because I am doing a complete overhaul. Also attached are some photo's of my friends finished Tri-gear W-10 at Oshkosh.