Freeflight Composites Cozy Builder's Workshop

Individual Builder Assistance for the Cozy Mark IV

Freeflight Composites welcomes those interested in the Cozy Mark IV and those who have taken the big step and have decided to build this fine aircraft.

We are here to help. Whether it is to help you decide if the Cozy Mark IV is for you or to assist you in the construction of a Cozy Mark IV, we have the information and abilities to help you make your dream come true.

With many years of experience building and flying canard type aircraft, the Freeflight Composites staff brings a high level of skill and dedication to your project that is rooted in old-fashioned craftsmanship values and driven with a passion for flying these incredible machines.

We offer training to jump-start your project. Training that will give you all the basic knowledge and practical skills required to construct a Cozy Mark IV. Training that will catapult you past the weeks or months normally required during the initial construction phase to gain the skills and confidence needed. In just a few days, guided by a seasoned builder, you will learn about the materials, tools and techniques used to build this modern composite design with hands on experience.

We can provide you with an individualized program that helps you through the building process by providing assistance in the construction of airframe components, or designing the electrical system for you or, providing a fully equipped and stocked shop for you to work in. We can professionally build your custom aluminum instrument panel. Instrument panel design services are available too.

Coming soon to Freeflight Composites. We are in the planning stages of a comprehensive pilot transition-training program for builders of the Cozy Mark IV. Stay tuned to our website for further information.

At Freeflight Composites, we believe in the Cozy Mark IV. We appreciate the performance, efficiency, comfort, and fun that make it the premier four seat plans built design. Our goal is to enhance the utility, safety, and satisfaction of a design all ready known for these qualities.

Please come to our website and view a video, or check out the pictures there or learn more about us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Burrall L. Sanders

Freeflight Composites, LLC