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ALUMINUM SHEET from Aircraft Spruce
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If you know the specifics of the aluminum sheet required you can input the data here and submit your order. Please enter the type, thickness, size and quantity required below. If you have our part number you only have to input it and the quantity to submit the order. Current price will automatically be entered and shown on the order form. Should you need to see more specs, prices or do comparison shopping you can access information on specific alloys via the links below.

If mfg test reports are required there is a $15.00 charge per line item. For “certs” add 01-01133 to your cart at the time of order and specify which part you are requesting "certs" for in the special instructions box.

Thicknesses of .016", .020", .025", & .032" can be rolled to ship UPS, but will not be returnable if rolled. The softer and thicker the material, the harder it will be to return to a flat surface.

Choose Alloy:
Size Sheet:
Part Number:
2024T3 2024-0 6061T4 6061T6

6061-0 7075T6 7075-0