Part# 01-01476


BK1 Light Sport Plane
    Pilot Size: Up to 6 ft 4 in 250 lb in the roomy cockpit
    Cruise: 130 mph for 400 miles with reserves
    Fuel: 3-3.5 Gallons per Hour - Automobile Gas
    Baggage: 30 lbs in roomy compartment-For that week long fly-in
    Stall: Light Sport Aircraft Category 48 mph no flap, 45 mph full flaps
    Options: Tricycle or Tail Wheel-Electric Start
    VW Type 1 Conversion from Great Plains, Hummel, Aerovee, Revmaster...etc..
    Certified in Canada as Basic-Ultra-Light Airplane (BULA), greatly simplifies approval process.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Following the passing away of Bruce King, the designer of the BK 1.3, and the closing of BK Flier LLC, unfortunately, no new licenced sets of plans are offered anymore. You can however join, you will learn a lot more about the BK Flier and there is possibly some plans owners willing to sell their sets of plans. Sylvain Bélanger, owner and moderator of the group.

Sylvain B
December 20, 2019

I am plan building a BK Flyer and I second the comments of William M. It is my seond plan build airplane, I previously plan built a CX4 Thatcher. I build for the pleasure and the BK Flyer has the best detailled plans ever. Bruce King is a gentleman and is also very eager and available to help.

Sylvain B
December 29, 2017

This kit has what are probably the BEST plans ever drawn up for a homebuilt aircraft. I have been in aviation since 1976, and I have seen hundreds of sets of aircraft plans, both production and homeguilt. This is the best set I have ever seen! It is simply stunning! EVERY SINGLE PART is drawn out and dimensioned fully. There are also numerous assembly diagrams, and when you buy the plans, you get access to a photo-site that has over 17,000 (Yeah, thats right! Seventeen THOUSAND!) photographs showing virtually EVERY step in the construction process. Both the plans and the photo-site are organized by ATA code, so that EVERYTHING about the flight controls, for example, is in chapter 27. In addition, there are materials lists that cover every single piece of hardware and every single rivet and bolt used to build the aircraft. There are also pages of cutting guides that will cut your expenses, by helping you use EVERY SQUARE INCH of the aluminum you buy. Every piece you cut off of the part you are working on, is used for another smaller part somewhere else. If you are a big guy (Over 6 tall and over 230 lbs) this is the airplane for you. It will fit you perfectly. And even with your weight, you can fly with FULL FUEL and FULL Baggage. I am one of the early plans buyers, and I was struck by this aircraft design from the first time I saw it at Oshkosh. It is REALLY well-designed, and the designer, Bruce King, has spent YEARS on the drawings and photo builders manual. Google it and see if you arent as impressed as I am!

William M
April 15, 2017


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Q: Are these sub-kits comes with pre-made parts or are these just the raw materials?

It depends on the kit, for example the airframe kit is all raw material and hardware, but the fuel system kit includes pre-mad components.

Q: Do you sell plans for the BK flyer?

We do not, you would need to contact BK flyers directly. br Web: | Email:

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