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Part# 10-00488
MFR Model# SK-C32-43


10-00488 EGT Sender 1"-2.5"
Clamp Type
"K" type sending unit with 4-ft. lead.

10-00489 EGT Sender 8x1.0mm
Screw-in Type
8mm threaded EGT Probe (N-RTX)

10-02294 EGT Sender 1" - 1-3/4"
Clamp Type
4 Feet Metal Shield Wire

Similar to Falcon Gauge
Made in China
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Very good product and shipping service!

Craig M
March 18, 2021

Seems nice and works with westech dual egt gauge on r582 cheaper than westech one. Time will tell on longevity.

Ben P
September 28, 2020

Ronald W
August 3, 2020

Got it quick. Works perfect. Thanks!

Paul J
July 13, 2020

The Swift Gauge probe worked very well and was easy to instal in my experimental home built airplane.

John F
June 19, 2020

easy to install and works very well. Fast shipping Thank you

Richard B
June 8, 2020

The jumper wire was also included, easy install.

Leonard L
April 11, 2020

Perfect, and fast delivery. Ordered 09-26, delivered 10-02. Does this 10-02294 SWIFT EGT sender is OK w Westach Dual EGT/CHT gauge (2DA1 10-01239) ? ...

Drieux G
October 7, 2019

The clamp type is slightly thicker than competitors, needs an imperial hole not a metric one! Lasts longer than others.

Alasdair S
May 16, 2019

Jens H
March 6, 2019


Q: Is part # 10-02294 a type K thermocouple?

Part # 10-02294 is a Type K EGT Clamp Probe.

Q: Will EGT probe EP-001 part # 10-005488 be compatable with a 30yr old Alcor gauge in a 1980 Cessna 152?

As the Falcon EGT Probes are not TSO'd, they are not to be used in certified aircraft.

Q: What is the length of the probe EP-001?

4 ft lead.

Q: Is the probe Falcon EP-001 compatible with the WESTECH EGT that I have in my ultralight?

Each company only ensures compatibility with the manufacturer’s recommended probes. Since this has not been tested, this is not recommended combination.

Q: What is the temperature range of the probe EP-002?

The EP-002 has a temperature range of 400-1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: What type extension cable is needed with p/n 10-00488 probe? type K or plain copper?

Type K wire is used for extending EGT leads.

Q: Are these probes grounded or ungrounded?

These probed are grounded.

Q: Will 10-02294 fit Rotax 582?

Yes, this probe can be used int he Rotax 582.

Q: Does the 10-02294 SWIFT EGT sender is OK w Westach Dual EGT/CHT gauge (2DA1 10-01239) ?

No, they are not compatible.

Q: Is the 10-00489 a type K probe?

Per the manufacturer this is type K.

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