LAST-A-FOAM 18 LB .2X12X48

Part# 01-14400
MFR Model# FR-6718
DensityThicknessSheet SizePN
18 Lb/Cu.
.200"12" x 48"01-14400


Rigid, Polyether Polyurethane foam with fine closed-cell structure, light cream-yellow color. LAST-A-FOAMŪ is wonderfully versatile for sandwich-core applications. It cuts and shapes easily with common woodworking tools, and bonds to itself and other materials with most epoxy, polyester, or urethane-type adhesives. LAST-A-FOAMŪ is unaffected by water, fuels and most solvents, and paint finishes are easily applied. It is frequently used in regular molds after the gel-coat and first two layers of glass are installed; the LAST-A-FOAMŪ is added and another layer of glass applied for a strong, light-weight sandwich.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


This is a fragile material to begin with and I ordered the 1/4 thick version. So first..it was available, thanks . Second...the packaging was terrific with a heave honey combed cardboard to protect it.

April 23, 2020

There are only a few suppliers of 1/4 Last-A-Foam and here is a great source to get it from. Great packaging protected it and delivery was quick.

March 26, 2020

The foam was as expected. An Aircraft Spruce was close enough so I was able to use will call and avoid the special shipping charges with over sized packages.

N.d. H
December 13, 2019

Item was perfectly packaged for shipping and item arrived in great condition.

Mark D
November 17, 2018

Foam material was what we needed to complete our task.

John B
May 23, 2018

Great material to work with. Easy to shape and hard as rock when covered with fiberglass and epoxy. I used that in strips for the gunwale of my mini tugboat and it worked great even with the compound curve of the gunwale. The shipping was truly impressive. There was no way the foam could get damaged unless it was run over by a truck. It arrived in perfect condition. This was my second order of this same material and both shipments were perfect.

Maurice B
October 8, 2017

This foam seems to work the same as the old Clark foam which is no longer available. I was very impressed with the packing when it arrived in perfect condition via UPS.The box was made of several layers of heavy cardboard with three 4-foot-long wooden stiffeners taped inside. The foam inside was wrapped in brown paper to keep it clean. Nice job, ACS!

John C
September 18, 2013


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Q: Can this LAST-A-FOAM be cut / shaped with a hot-wire?

No. Last-A-Foam is a polyurethane base foam and should not be hot wired.

Q: Can this be used with vinyl ester resins?

Yes. Last-A-Foam is a urethane base foam, and will not be damaged by vinylester resin.

Q: Can you use CNC machining to shape this foam?

As long as its not a laser machine. If it's a die cut or water then yes.

Q: Can this Last-a-foam be used in a vacuum formed mold? Can it be heat formed? Do you usually coat this form with micro-slurry prior to glassing?

This foam is used for many in mold, and sandwich construction applications. It's not intended to be heat formed, so we have no info how well heat forming would work. Depending on the application, a micro-slurry is sometime used before laying up fiberglass or other reinforcement.

Q: Is the 6 lb Last-A-Foam (ex. part # 01-14100) FR-3706?

Yes, this is FR-3706.

Q: Do you cut down the LAST-A-FOAM to reduce shipping costs?

Yes, but it is not returnable once cut.

Q: Is part # 01-13500 FR-3704 or FR3705? Thanks.

Part # 01-13500 is FR3704.5

Q: Can vinyl ester resin be used with Last-a-foam?

Yes, Last-A-Foam is a polyurethane base foam so you can use viinyl-ester resin without any damage to the foam.

Q: Is the Last-A-Foam bendable? I would like to use this over a core mold

This is fairly stiff material. It is hard to rate how bendable it is because it will bend in the full sheet form, but will not bend around 90* corners.

Q: What part is FR-3708?

FR-3708 corresponds to 01-01048.

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